5 Creative Tips to Drive E-Commerce Sales with Social Media

It may have taken longer than originally thought, but social media and e-commerce websites are finally integrating into ways that can help boost a business’ sales and improve a customer’s shopping experience at the same time.
A number of simple online apps that can easily be integrated into a WordPress or custom-made site have made it easier than ever before for shoppers to share, comment, and interact with a brand.
To help you transform a dull WordPress shopping cart or product page experience into something that encourages the art of sharing, we’ve come up with five simple ways to mix e-commerce and social media seamlessly, below:
Encourage Social Logins
Integrating social media profiles with e-commerce sites is becoming a common trend, as it allows a customer to skip the rather tedious process of signing up to a new account. Instead, they can get on with what they actually came to your site to do – shop!
This integration allows customers to share any content from your store with friends and family through one simple click of a button.
There are a number of free and paid-for