Google Is Not Happy With Burger King’s Latest Ad

Burger King has definitely gotten creative with their marketing. The fast-food giant’s latest commercial gives customers information about their famous Whopper burger in a pretty unconventional way. Take a look:

Yes, you heard right. And if you have a Google Home device, you heard a little bit more than what was in the ad. Burger King included the phrase “Okay, Google: What is the Whopper burger?”, prompting any smart speaker in close vicinity to recite the Wikipedia definition of a Whopper. This is the first time a major company has designed an ad to hijack the AI systems that are rapidly becoming commonplace in our homes.
The Smartest Ad Ever?
Google doesn’t think so. The company blocked its devices from responding to the ad within three hours of its debut. Burger King didn’t ask for the company’s permission before airing the ad. While that isn’t illegal, Google may fear that the ad will set an unwanted precedent for other companies interested in taking advantage of their product. After all, Google Home users were pretty angry when their devices gave them unsolicited information on the new Beauty and the Beast film (even though Google claimed it wasn’t an ad). The incident also highlights existing privacy concerns