Alleged Senate rules forgery and conspiracy of scavengers

By Nwobodo Chidiebere
The  8th Senate recently celebrated its one year in office. The political machination and hullaballoo that heralded the emergence of its bipartisan leadership, is gradually settling down in the eyes of the observing public. I will wish to use this medium to extend my deep congratulations to the leadership of Senate under the watch of Dr Bukola Saraki—the Senate President, for steering the turbulent ship of 8th Senate for one year, in the midst of controversies that greeted its emergence against permutations and projections of party leaders.
Worthy of note and conspicuous acknowledgement, is the re-election of Senator Ike Ekweremadu as deputy Senate President for an unprecedented three consecutive terms. His third political voyage as Deputy Senate President of 8th Senate is more unparalleled, having been elected historically as Deputy Senate President of the PDP extraction in APC’s slight majority Senate—which is unmatched in the political annals of contemporary Nigeria. Dr Ike Ekweremadu’s third missionary journey as deputy senate president of 8th Senate, was not a result of the so-called pre-Senate leadership election deal between Dr Bukola