Bobrisky may actually be gay afterall!

Bobrisky unsuspectingly gives himself out as gay

Snapchat celebrity Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky has unknowingly revealed that he is actually gay.

The cross dresser who has on many occasions denied that he is gay let out his actual sexual orientation when trying to intimate his lover that he is back from his holiday travel on Snapchat.

’I’m back home. Bae called and asked me to start going home. I’m a good babe, so I left there. Always listen to your man”.

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The implication of his statement, “I am a good babe”, implies that he is the woman and an obedient one at that in the gay relationship.

In the post on Snapchat, Bobrisky also noted that he does not need to transgender himself in order to be ‘hot’ for his bae whose identity he has jealously shielded ever since their relationship started.

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