Buhari should consult men of God on how to solve economic problems -Mbaka

Buhari should consult men of God on how to solve economic problems -Mbaka

President Muhammadu Buhari needs to consult church leaders and eminent men of God to advise him and tell him the truth about the economy.

This is the take of Enugu Catholic priest, and coordinator of the Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

Mbaka, in his New Year message at the weekend, said “Many Nigerians are suffering. Though the President is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes. There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”

Mbaka also called on the present administration to employ the services of experts who would assist in revitalising the economy.

Mbaka who said people like him found it difficult to reach President Buhari “for advice because of the kind of people around him,” however, urged Nigerians to be patient and be prayerful “as your sufferings and hardship would be over in 2017. Nigeria is set to be great again.”

He also advised the president to set aside the fight against corruption, and address the sufferings in Nigeria.

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Mbaka had also in August 2016 bemoaned the failure of President Buhari to lead Nigerians out of the starvation ravaging the country.

He also called on Buhari to know that Nigerians are fed up with his prosecution stories, saying with hunger everywhere, everybody is angry and if nothing is done it could lead to danger and that Nigerians will not vote for him in 2019.

He however made a U-turn denying some of the contents of the video claiming that rather than Buhari, that it was former President Goodluck Jonathan who caused the hunger in the land.

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