Catholic Priest charged for drugging, raping 10-year-old girl

court-hammerAn Abuja based Catholic priest was today dragged before a magistrate court located on the Gudu district of the city charged with rape

Reverend father Anthony Chigbo was arrested a few days ago after a 10-yr old girl led by her father laid a formal complaint that she was sexually abused by the man of God

On her statement to the Police the girl who attends the same church with the Reverend father had had to pass the night in the Reverend’s apartment located somewhere in Asokoro.

The little girl and her brother were well known to the Reverend father and do when their mother had to leave them with him because the church rehearsal programme they came for went deep into the night the mother thought her kids were in safe hands.

According to her statement after the programme he took them in and offered them good but they told him they had had enough as they are during the rehearsals. The Reverend then offered them drink which they later found to be laced as they soon dozed off. He allegedly took the girl to his own room where he had carnal knowledge of her while the younger brother was taken to another room

It was when the girl woke up the next morning and saw blood around her private part that she became alarmed. He tried to pacify her avail

The girl later reported to her parents who reported to the Police and the Reverend father was subsequently arrested.

After police investigations, the Reverend father was charged to court today and he pleaded not guilty to the three charges of rape, drugging and sex with a minor

He is still in custody and an argument for his bail is expected to be heard tomorrow at the same Gudu magistrate court.

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