Celine Dion turns down chance to perform at Trump’s inauguration

Celine Dion turns down chance to perform at Trump's inauguration

In what seems like a total blackout, singer Celine Dion is the latest to decline an invite to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration with only one singer, America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho, confirmed on the line-up thus far.

Reports say Celine Dion was approached to perform at the forthcoming inauguration, but she turned it down, even after assurances from Trump’s friend Steve Wynn, who runs hotels in Las Vegas.

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The hotelier had assured Trump that the French Canadian singer would be on board, but it turned out that she refused the gig. (Dion currently performs regularly in a Las Vegas residency).

Celine Dion becomes the latest musician to decline an invitation at the inauguration after Andrea Bocelli and Garth Brooks declined invites.

British singer, Elton John was also earlier rumored to be performing at the inauguration, but he quickly shut down rumours by denying the speculation recently.



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