Meet 15-year old Esther Ibrahim, converted to Islam and forcefully married out to Salisu by a Sharia Court in Kano

Following the criticism and nation-wide condemnation by Nigerians over the marriage allegedly conducted by a Shari’a Court in Kano between Esther Ibrahim, 15 years, and a Christian from Borno State and one Salisu who abducted her for the alleged Marriage, LeadingReporters can now authoritatively reveal that Esther is 15 years and may not have consciously consented to the said marriage.

Attached is the Birth Certificate of Esther Ibrahim  issued at the General Hospital Borno, with Ref No. 381440, Entry No. 1-8-808 issued on 14/04/2008 exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters.  Esther was born in Biu, Borno State on 13th November, 2011.


Recall that LeadingReporters broke the news of another forced marriage involving one Salisu residing in Kano who allegedly abducted and absconded with Esther.  Esther Ibrahim (who now bears Islamic name Fati) visited her sister Mary in Kano following the closure of their school in Borno was declared missing. Four days after Esther was declared missing, a group of people who addressed themselves as Hisbah Police brought Esther to her sister Mary to inform her of Esther’s marriage to Salisu and her new found faith – Islam.

Mary was said to have told them that Esther was a minor and could not have taken the decision of who to marry and change of religion alone.  A plea that fell on deaf ears as the Hisbah Police took Esther away.  Mary further reported the case to Human Rights Commission when it was found out that Esther was staying with a friend of Salisu.

At this point, Mary who found herself in a helpless situation reported back to the Nigeria Police in Kura.  To the amazement of everyone, the Kura Police did nothing more than handing back Esther to the Hisbah Police.  Hisbah Police subsequently took Esther to Sharia Court in Kano where Esther was forcefully converted to Islam where she was given the name Fati and subsequently married off to Salisu.

Following the incidence, Esther’s mother Ruth Ibrahim suffered severe health problem and has been taken into admission in an undisclosed hospital.  Esther’s father, Mashar Ibrahim has disowned Mary, Esther’s elder sister who invited Esther to Kano following the closure of her school in Borno.  Mashar is accusing Mary to have conspired with unknown people to kidnap Esther and forced her into a marriage that didn’t have the parents’ blessings and consent.

According to our source who spoke on condition of anonymity:

“I’m worried that the ugly trend is getting out of hand. Children are not being well guided on moral issues.  The worse is that the custodians of the laws are either playing along or aiding obvious crime against the land and humanity.  Kano State can boast of a sophisticated, enlightened and well lettered Emir, but the problem seems that the traditional institutions are not doing enough to enlighten their subjects on the dangers of violating the laws of the land.


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