MMM may shift Jan 14 date to unfreeze Nigerian accounts

MMM may shift Jan 14 date to unfreeze Nigerian accounts

More shock awaits subscribers to the MMM scheme in Nigeria over news that the managers may further postpone unfreezing of their accounts billed to take place on Saturday, January 14, 2017.

An online news report monitored in Lagos quoted Mavrodi, one of the administrators of the programme as saying that MMM Nigeria users should exercise some patience with the organisers, even if it means shifting the January 14 deadline by another month.

He was said to have spoken to reporters in Russia, and noted that it is better to have seamless data for Nigeria than having a situation that could see the venture suffer permanent damage.

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Quoting him, FNN, a social media platform quoted him as saying: “uhh… we are trying our best to…uhh… perfect our comeback. uhh… we don’t want to be like… uhh… Ronda Rousey who returned after more than 6 months and got knocked out in 48 secs. Uhh… we want a proper return so we can… uhh… make Nigerians happy again.”

It could be recalled that more than three million Nigerians, mainly unemployed, lower income earners and students of tertiary institutions patronised the programme until their accounts were frozen by the promoters, giving room for conclusion that they have become part of an internationally coordinated scam.

But before December 10, 2016 when an official statement from the managers announced blocking of subscribers’ accounts in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria had warned of the danger in patronising the scheme.

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