Muma Gee’s hubby, Prince Eke soon to file for divorce

Muma Gee’s hubby, Prince Eke soon to file for divorce

A week after Ripples Nigeria reported that the pair of Muma Gee and her husband Prince Eke may have shown the first signs that their marriage may have crashed, the actor husband of the musician has confirmed in an interview with a popular Nigerian blog that his marriage ended three months ago.

In the interview, Prince Eke also revealed that he is about to file papers to dissolve his four-year-old marriage to his eccentric singer wife which is blessed with three kids because they are not compatible.

“The truth is this. I am no longer married to Muma Gee. We are separated, for about 3 months now.” Prince Eke said in the interview.

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Continuing, he added that; “Let’s just say it (our marriage) didn’t work. We are not compatible. Talking about Muma Gee now is going to remind me of things I have forgotten. I have moved on and she has also moved on. I don’t want talk to Muma Gee again.

“A lot of people have different impressions about everybody. People try to judge you even when they don’t know you. I don’t want to go into details but the thing is, Muma Gee and I are separated and very soon we will be officially divorced. I’m no longer married to Muma Gee.” He added.

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