Resumption: FCT officials inspect schools, hail turnout of students

School resumptionBy Stanley Onyekwere

Following the resumption of schools this week, after the yuletide season, public schools across Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have continue to record impressive turnout of students and pupils, on the first three days, as school children in their thousands attend classes.
A visit to some public primary and secondary schools in the nation’s capital during the first week of resumption revealed that while many school children were seen around picking up dirt and sweeping their classrooms, in readiness for full learning session, some were seen taking lessons in their respective classrooms.
Some of the public schools visited were Model Secondary School (MSS) and Government Secondary Schools (GSS) in Maitama and Mabushi Districts of the FCT.
At the MSS in Maitama District, it was observed that a total number of 610 students out of the registered 1,632 students resumed on the second day. While 900 students resumed at GSS- Maitama, out of the 1,150 on the school’s register.
Also, a total of three hundred and forty-nine (349) students were recorded in GSS, Mabushi, on the second day of resumption, out of the five hundred and two students on the school’s register, which is about 75% turnout.
As expected, most of the students in their separate interviews were excited over the resumption of schools, as they are ready to carry on with their learning process.
Leading FCT officials on an inspection tour of FCT schools to assess the level of turnout of students and pupils in public schools, Acting Secretary, Education Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Musa Maikasuwa Yakubu, expressed delight with the turnout at the schools.
In particular, he was impressed with the turnout of students, and commencement of classes by teachers, assuring that by next week there would be full resumption.
“The turnout is quite impressive since the resumption, as most students are already taking their lessons in the classrooms, and almost all the teachers have resumed except those on maternity leave.
“Our teachers are qualified and ready to do their work, because they are paid promptly by the FCT Administration,” he emphasized.
He however called on all stakeholders to ensure that they up the tempo of academic activities, so as to improve learning and performance in the schools
PeoplesDaily gathered that there are number of 559 primary schools, 159 Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and 57 Senior Secondary Schools (SSS) that make up the FCT public school system.