Top foods to avoid during pregnancy

Top foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnant women are usallly at a crossroads as to what to eat most times. It’s good news to be pregnant most times but it is usually better to know how to sustain pregnancy.

Are you a pregnant woman, or do you know any pregnant woman? Then this post is for you.

Get this right: Not all fishes or types of meat are good for you at this point (because of your baby yeah). Your doctor most times just gives general advice on what to eat but more specifically there are some red-card foods to avoid at this stage of your life. Let’s get down to them:

Not all fishes are good
1. Do you love to eat raw or undercooked fishes (clams, oysters et al) or more than six ounces a week of canned ‘solid white’ or albacore tuna?
Unpasteurized Or refrigerated smoked or pickled fish unless heated to steaming at 165 ?
Or Fishes containing mercury such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish? Mercury is a very poisonous substance that can damage the brain.
Smoked seafoods or fish exposed to pollutants?

Choose low-mercury fishes such as salmons etc You can take up to 12 ounces of this.
Go for freshwater fishes
Cook fish to 145 or until the fish is opaque in the center.

2. Eggs
Avoid undercooked eggs, or foods that contain raw eggs such as cake batter or homemade sauces or desserts that contains uncooked raw eggs such as ice cream, hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise among others. Use pasteurized eggs or pasteurized egg products when needs arises.
A rule of thumb is to cook eggs till the yolk is firm and foods containing eggs should be cooked to about 160

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3. Eat foods early in picnics and avoid eating foods that have been out there for over an hour on hot days. Keep cold buffet food in ice and warm food at 135.

4. DON’T drink alcoholic beverages. Anything more than 200mg of caffeine everyday is dangerous to your pretty baby. Be aware of how much caffeine is actually present in beverages and as much as you can, make your own fruit juice.

5. Herbal teas and supplements
Most people concentrate on taking herbal products during pregnancy. But, Truth is taking these locally prepared products from wormwood etc may do more harm than good to your present state.

Besides you do not have a way of testing the good from the bad, so as muc as you can, avoid these herbal supplements.

6. Sugary Foods and Street Foods
Do you love sugary foods or you like treating yourself to some by-the-road snacks?
As much as possible, stop taking them. Street foods come with many things including the ubiquitous leads on streets.
You could be exposing your kid or kids (lol) to dangerous chemicals.

7. High fiber product is best
Fine flour products are not the best for you now. Breads and other products derived from fine flours are not what you should be on. Instead brown bread or whole grain foods do just better

8. Leftovers
You don’t need to exclaim. Leftovers even when covered well and put in big deep refrigerators are not good for you at this time. Eat fresh foods always and avoid leftovers all the time.
If you need to, heat in clean utensils.

9. Excess of Faty acids and Vitamins
Playing around with Excess fats and vitamins at this time is not a good game at all.
Obesity and cardiovascular or heart-related results are usually the results.
Vitamins are meant to be taken in small quantities so help yourself to small quantities all the time, never beyond the recommended doses.

10. Saccharin
Saccharin is definitely the worst to play with at this time.
All artificial sweeteners especially Saccharin are not filtered by the placenta. They get down to your child straight up, and you know, that’s one worst way of making your child taste them.

Most importantly, meet with your doctor and draw up a chart of what not to eat today or you can do that on your own and paste it against a wall or your refrigerator.
By Osho Ayodeji…..

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