You can’t pull down Gov Almakura with your lies – APC chieftain tells Maku

Minister-of-Information-Labaran-MakuBy Umar Muhammad Puma

Chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in Nasarawa State, Emmanuel Kuje has lambasted former minister of information, Mr. Labaran Maku, for alleging that the Nasarawa State government received 68billion Naira, from the Paris club refund.
Addressing journalist yesterday, Emmanuel Kuje said Maku’s criticism of Almakura is erroneous, a deliberate pull down syndrome and a attempt targeted at pulling down the efforts and the political will of the incumbent governor of the state Umaru Tanko Almakura.
Reacting over the criticism, he said it was unfortunate that a man in the capacity of the former minister who should be seen as a stakeholder and opinion leader, whose contribution should be thought in the development of the state was rather instigating confusion among citizens.
According to him, Mr Labaran Maku’s statement is a contradiction that was rather shameful to have been credited to a personality of a former minister.
He said, “The unfortunate aspect of the former minister’s erroneous statements was that on a Christmas day celebration where people were supposed to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ was when Maku assembled them in his Wakama village and told them that the state governor was in the receipt of 24billion Naira, when in an earlier remarks over the same Paris club ,he said that governor Almakura was given 68billion.
”Maku as a former commissioner, deputy governor and former minister, one would expect that he has access and is well informed in government dealings and functions, which the issue of the Paris club shouldn’t be difficult for him to find out the truth. By his position in this country and with the freedom of information act in place, he can call the appropriate authorities and get the fact on what was released to each governor. So it was quite disturbing; and may be because he has lost touch, for the kind of figure he claimed was given to the governor. And if this is what he may want to ascribe as opposition, then it is worthless,” he said.
Emmanuel Kuje who said his primary reason for dumping the APGA to the APC was on principle, stated further that the activities of the governor and the developmental strides witnessed in less than 8 years since Almakura took over the administration of the state, deserve the support of well meaning Nasarawa State citizens.
He added that before the advent of the present administration in the state, the state capital Lafia was under developed in terms of infrastructures; but under the period Almakura assumed office as the executive governor of Nasarawa state, Lafia is upgraded to a befitting status for a state capital which now can be compared with others created 20 years ago.
“Today with the road networks in Lafia, linking various communities and towns, wherein in the past it was a terrible experience if you are trapped on the road as the only visible access then was the major road from keffi to lafia. But all of these have become history as one can comfortably, from the college of agriculture through Kwandere, find himself on the Makurdi road without having gone through the town.
He further added that what the governor has put on ground, no governor in the past has such records; therefore criticizing a man who has all the willingness and ready to uplift the standard of the people and the state is baseless and unkind to good governance.