ISIS Membership: Detained AMAC Chairman’s Chief of Staff Granted Conditional, Restrictive Bail

A group has challenged the Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council Chairman AMAC, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido to go beyond blame games and show Nigerians the clean bill of health allegedly given to his Chief of Staff, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko over his alleged membership of an international terrorist organisation, ISIS and for attempting to launder N2b to South Africa on behalf of his principal.

This follows the weak and ridiculous defence put up by Jibreel Muhammad Babangoshi, Special Adviser to the AMAC Chairman Media/ICT who has through a post on his social media platform announced the release of the Chief Of Staff To the Chairman of AMAC, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko from detention over his alleged membership of an international terrorist organisation, ISIS and other nefarious activities.  Recall that LeadingReporters has most recently exclusively reported about the arrest of Mr. Tanko when he was trying to get out of the country to South Africa.

The group, under the aegis of Alliance For Credible Leadership, challenged Hon. Candido to once more proves the innocence of his Chief of Staff by publicly publishing the security report that cleared his Chief of Staff from belonging to a terrorist organisation and money laundry charges or to demand an apology from the security agencies for prolonged detention of his chief of staff on mistaken identity.

In a telephone chat with LeadingReporters, the group through its spokesman Hamid Abdullahi wondered why instead of pressing charges against the security agencies for unlawfully and “mistakenly” detaining Alh. Tanko for weeks or even demanding for a public apology, Hon. Candido and his praise singers are busy rejoicing over the freedom of someone they claim were innocently docked.

“Allegation such as one belonging to a deadly terrorist organisation is such that no one kids with.  If the claim that Mr. Tanko was arrested on grounds of mistaken identity, why would he need to be detained and quizzed for weeks?  Why won’t the AMAC authorities demand for a public statement to clear Mr. Tanko’s name once and for all”

“The simple practice everywhere is that if someone is wrongly accused or arrested, tortured on grounds of mistaken identity, the concerned security agencies do not only let the person out of their hook within hours and days.  In most cases, the wrongly accused person is given a public apology, including some form of reliefs by the concerned security agency as a way of aiding in cleaning up the person from any form of stigmatization.  Why is Tanko’s case different?  Why is AMAC not demanding for public apology from the concerned security agencies as a way of proving the accused innocence?  Why do they have to believe that it is a case that should be left to “Allah” when the arrest has done serious personality damage to the accused?  It tells a lot about the personality of Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko and his principal, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido”

Meanwhile, information availed LeadingReporters revealed that the restrictive bail was given Mr. Ibrahim Tanko following some intervention from quarters.  It was learnt that Hon. Candido has approached some people to plead with them to help douse the issue as it was already affecting his chances of re-nomination for another term in office.  A source who is in the know told us that Candido has hardly been in the office since the arrest of his chief of staff as he was seen travelling to meet with those he believes has the ears of the party and security echelons, pleading with him to help get the guy out of detention following the council primaries that would be held soon.

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