Kukah Explains that Removing the President will not Solve Nigeria’s Problems


According to Bishop Mathew Kukah of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, the “Third Force” coalition which is being promoted by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, will not aid in the development of Nigerian Politics and Democracy.


He added that the problems afflicting Nigeria would not be fixed just by removing President Buhari and bringing another leader to be the new President. He revealed this last Thursday in Abuja, while speaking to reporters on some burning national issues.


According to Kukah, making a new platform because of the apparent disorganizations of the President and the government will only lead to new enemies, which will further divide the country along ethnic and religious lines.


“On the raging coalition movement I believe everyone here is married. If every time you have problem in your marriage you go ahead to marry a new wife, how many wives will you end up marrying? The solution to bad marriage is not a new marriage. I am talking as a Catholic priest. The problem with the APC is that it is a coalition and that is why it is falling apart. I saw Obasanjo putting down his signature for the coalition. We have seen so much coalitions. If you are unhappy with your party members or have failed elections and the next thing is to form a coalition, that won’t help our politics or democracy. We need to be introspective because every time we create new platform we create new enemy lines. We are not going to fix this country by removing one president or the other. Prior to the 2015, so much hate speeches, invectives were uploaded in our media, causing so much inter-ethnic, religious and regional ill-feelings. But those issues preceding or surrounding last elections, especially at the twilight of the 2015 elections are still much with us. What is appropriate was for the 2015 post-regime to provide balm and ways to heal us of the agony of those injuries, burns and maladies of hateful campaigns. That was not to be, rather more and more of those issues were left to fester, replicate and multiply by the invidious politics and actions of the day. As such, we are getting far more divided now than before, and that tragedy needs to be arrested,” he said.

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Author: Marylou