Omilola Oshikoya, inspiring millenials to fulfil their dreams


Omilola Oshikoya is Africa’s premier wealth coach with over 14 years’ experience in finance/investment banking. Omilola’s goal is to inspire millenials to live the “Richer Life” & to help create wealth and eradicate poverty in Africa through a tool she created called “The Hand of Wealth” which focuses on five areas, what true wealth is, how to create wealth (business/entrepreneurship), how to manage and grow wealth (personal finance) and how to use wealth. She does this through her brands, “The Fathers Daughter” “Do It Afraid”, “PocketFinance” and The Richer Kids Club.  She is the founder of OmilolaOshikoya International (OOI), a life and finance coaching company. Omilola is A UK certified life coach

Early years and impact till date

As with everyone, your childhood plays a big role in who you are as an adult. I am so grateful for parents that taught us the value of integrity. Growing up, my father always said to us that a good name is worth more than silver or gold. We come from a very wealthy family and even though we went through financial challenges, my father never once did anything illegitimate. I leant perseverance against all odds from my dad.  My mother on the other hand taught us about Jesus and this played a big role in my intimate relationship with god today. I also saw a woman who had enormous strength in the midst of all life threw at her. She is a survivor and fighter. She has survived three brain tumours and she is standing strong today to God’s glory. Some of the financial challenges we went through also played a big role in determining the career I chose initially in investment banking and finance, which was to find the quickest, most legitimate way to make money. But thank God the master planner who was at work from the very beginning and has made everything fit together perfectly.

The Richer Woman

Initially I didn’t want to write my book, The Richer™ woman, because I didn’t want to be so vulnerable and share some of the things I had gone through and done such as abuse as a young child, committing adultery and so on. I was afraid of the stigma particularly in a culture like Nigeria where we don’t talk about these things. So I ignored God’s prompting to write my book until one day, around this time last year, I had an encounter that changed everything for me. I was invited to speak at Google to women in tech on finance. It was a very successful outing and I was signing autographs for people who had been given a copy of my Do It Afraid™ journal by Google when a lady walked up to me and said “…..there is a book you are writing, God says you should speed it up, it should be birthed quickly, I see first quarter of 2017. This book will save numerous marriages. It will speak specifically to young wives….”. at this point I knew this was God speaking and I had to decide whether to fulfill my own purpose or God’s purpose for me. This wasn’t church or an inspirational event, this was a corporate event and how did she know I was writing a book and a book that had details of my marriage? I decided to obey God and write this book. I am glad I obeyed God because this book has changed my life and the life of so many people all over the world.

Do It Afraid Event

‘Do It Afraid’ is a movement with the aim of inspiring millenials to fulfil their dreams, visions and purposes by overcoming fear. The focus is on business-minded individuals who out of fear, lack the will and conviction to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. I was afraid to leave my job in investment banking so that I could have more time for my family and live a more purposeful and fulfilled life doing what I loved and was created to do. I didn’t let my fear stop me. I was able to “do it afraid” and today I am living the life that I dreamed of. We are hosting our fourth event the Do It afraid™ conference which is an annual conference where we have a line up of successful individuals who also share their own do it afraid stories. The theme for this year is “the promise of a rainbow”.  Following the current economic climate in the country, many individuals, careers and businesses have been greatly affected but there is still a rainbow that is promised. A rainbow is a bright colourful symbol seen in the clouds normally after a heavy rain or storm. In other words, it signifies that the troubles of today will not last forever. It also signifies that beauty can be derived from the storm. The speakers this year include Ayo Megbope, founder of No Left Overs; Kemi Lalaakindoju, award winning actor; Gbubemi Fregene (Chef Fregz), Tiwa Savage, singer and song writer to mention a few. The date is Sunday, 17th of december 2017 at 12 noon prompt at Balmoral marquee, main bowl, Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan, Lagos and registration fee is N20, 000.

Heart of The Matter

The Heart Of the Matter is a people focused, transformation-oriented discussion programme hosted by Pastor Wale Adefarasin, General Overseer of Guiding Light assembly and co-hosted by myself and Adeolu Adefarasin. Our mission is to provide access to knowledge and experiences that build our viewers into leaders who will drive positive change in their individual lives, families, communities and industries.

With over 10 years work experience in investment banking, finance and accounting, share your experience and lesson learnt and how it has helped you till date.

Even though I now work for myself, I am very thankful and grateful to have worked in a field such as investment banking/finance/accounting and also at and with some of the best companies in the country and the world. After I moved back from the UK, I worked in one of the top accounting firms, auditing financial institutions. I got the opportunity to be part of the team that audited some of the biggest financial institution in Nigeria. I paid my dues and learnt that success is a process. At the time I was the most junior in the team and I was able to learn fast and even began managing some clients on my own after a short while. This was huge for someone at my level and age but I was always one to look for more responsibilities outside my current job requirements. I believe this is the fastest way to promotions at work. I also learnt the value of delayed gratification since my salary wasn’t as much as I would have expected. I then moved into investment banking and worked in a boutique investment banking firm. I was involved in raising capital and financial advisory for some of the biggest companies and also medium sized companies in Nigeria. This has helped me in my current role where now I work with micro and small/medium sized businesses. The highlight of my career in investment banking and finance was working at Asset & Resources Management company limited (ARM).

How important is money management?

Money management is very key most especially for individuals. Once individuals are financially intelligent or literate, it would translate to society, businesses and even government. Money management should be taught from a very early age preferably age 6. This is why I set up “the richer™ kids club”. Money management should be taught in schools.

Women Empowerment

For me, women empowerment is allowing women to live a purpose filled life. It is empowering women to decide on the life that they choose to live and not the one given to them or forced on them by family, society, tradition or marriage. A woman should be able to choose for herself whether she wants to be a career woman or a full-time home maker.  A woman should also not feel under pressure to become what she doesn’t want to become. We are all created uniquely and have our own individual god given purpose. Education is very key in empowerment. The girl child must be educated, not just academically but in all aspects of life. There needs to be a major mindset shift.

As a nation, what can be done individually and at the government level to improve the lives of Nigerians individually and collectively?

First of all, it is important to understand the purpose of wealth/money. I love this quote “where the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable”. We don’t understand the purpose of money and this is why we abuse it. Look at the life style of some of the richest people on earth, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet. They live very simple lives and use their wealth to impact humanity. We have very wealthy people in Nigeria. Instead of indulging in excesses they can use some of this wealth to fix problems such as the health care system in the country. With regards to the economy, officially, Nigeria exited the recession and returned to a path of growth in second quarter of  2017, however, this growth was largely driven by the oil sector and as such, not sustainable. Long-term sustainable growth must be robust and inclusive, incorporating contributions from all key sectors of the economy and to support this type of growth, Nigeria needs to develop a broader-based economy, diversifying its exports to ensure that development is not weakened by global prices or demand shocks. In addition, Nigeria needs to develop strong institutions and infrastructure that will support productivity.


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