Psychology of spiritual symbolism (4)

“Witches and Wizards have been the major cause of my failure and near success syndrome for more than eleven years now.  I have passed through life in hell without any solution from anywhere. I became the laughing stock in my community. Any contract that I tendered my quotation like others, mine was thrown away for no good reason even when my company is most qualified for the job. All these started when I challenged (the evil people in my village) them openly in my community. No prayer worked for me until I contacted you and ordered your oil which you recommended after you had investigated my case. I did as you strictly instructed me and I noticed a dramatic shift from what I use to see. I started doing good jobs again as one of their leaders, I mean, the evil witches confessed after I had anointed our village meeting point. Things happened by the grace of God. I am most grateful to God for using you to open my ways once again…” Mr. Emma. Email [email protected]

“Please do not publish my name and my contact for reasons best known to me. I was addicted to drugs and hemp for many years and as a result, my parents lost hope on me as their only surviving son. I was mentally disorganized and lived in a fool’s world thinking I was helping myself not knowing that I was killing my future. For over 12 years my mother did all she could to bring me out of such false life but her efforts were frustrated by me and some unseen forces. This continued until one day she was introduced to your column and she followed it for some time and finally contacted you for my case. You consequently asked her to order some bottles of oil which she did. She got them and used them on me and I became normal. Something left my body after the prayer and hemp and drugs became like poison to me. I am very grateful to God for answering my prayer.” Anonymous.

What we today regard as “number” passed through stages of development from different individuals and people of different tribes. This resulted from man’s consciousness towards answering questions posed by nature. Today, humanity is able to speak about such large numbers as the distance to the nearest star, the number of molecules in a quart of water, the size of the national debt, etc. Numbers enables the mind to grasp the abstract concepts, which would have been otherwise impossible to do so.

Numbers are symbols that speak volume. Different number bases have been used at different times by different tribes. Our ancestors started counting by counting only to two, and any set which was beyond two was seen as “many.”  It has been revealed through recondite research that number 3 and 4 have been used at one time as primitive number bases. Same research reveals that some tribes in Tierra del Fuego and South America had used number bases of 3 and 4 respectively. Some tribes used a combination of the scale of counting.

Man has a built-in counting device in his toes and fingers. The presence of this made possible for number systems to be built on bases of five, ten and fifteen units. As a matter of fact, Aristotle noted long ago that the widespread use of the decimal system today is the result of the anatomical accident that man was born with the fingers and ten toes. This could be attested to by the way our ancestors piled stones, pebbles or palm kernels in fives tens and twenties. Counting based on ten-won acceptance to many tribes.

The numbers used today are written based on 10. There are special names for example, one, two, three,…for symbol 1, 2, 3, respectively. Symbols like 11, 12, 13,…19 are written one, two, three,…Nine over ten following that order. According to philologists, eleven is derived from the word einlifon meaning one over ten and twelve is from twelif meaning two over ten, etc. The word hundred means ten times ten (i.e 10= ten ten).

I’m fully aware of the fact that our souls remember all past associations and that is why we love and adore some ancient personalities without explainable reasons. We appreciate their works and further their studies with our own giving them a new shape hence dynamism in operation. Pythagoras was an all-round personality with a two-fold development-spiritual and numerological. On one side, he realized the self as a soul, heard the ‘music of the spheres’ and consequently librated himself from ignorance.

On the other side, he saw the Universe connected with numbers and formed the ‘science of numbers’ for the analysis of higher life. Through higher knowledge of spirituality in line with core psychology of number symbolism, one can read the hidden records of himself as a result of same, gets closer to both past, present and future events respectively.

Few days ago someone asked me a sensational question on the importance of numbers in the Bible and why I am interested in things that are obsolete. By the little wisdom I have, I responded quickly to him by inferring that my interest in this area of life is natural and axiomatically linked to my ‘psych-chrome.’  My interest is natural and is aimed at fulfilling divine assignment chosen in the presence of the Timeless Time (God). I also informed my friend who boarded the same six hours flight with me that numbers are symbols with divine messages which can only be decoded by those who are deeply engrossed in the study of Greater-Divine Life.

Let it be emphasized here that the name of a person and his date of birth together with the time of his birth are his autobiographies. Every number and name carries behind it hidden spiritual forces embodied in it from ancient time to this very moment. This assertion should not be confused with the science of Astrology, though, they are to an extent related but in this context, they operate on different sphere or domain.

Each number as a supreme cosmic symbol, has in it a peculiar electro-magnetic power with which the character and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced. When one gains insight into core principles of numerological reality, one can then know why or how one behaves the way he or she does. At that point, one can predict people’s character. According to the Great Philosopher Pythagoras, both quality and quantity are represented by the numbers 1 to 9. Each number has a positive effect with which the individual is endowed. There is also the negative effect of numbers which prevails especially at the time of conflict between two or more numbers and the clash can be straightened out with proper understanding.

Let it be emphasized here that any name given to a person at the time of birth and the date of birth including, month and the year determine two most imperative numbers in the life of the person. Whatever name that is given to any person in life for the first time, carries the Great Divine Command (GDC) and tells the destiny of the person to an extent. Be informed that the word ‘destiny’ used in this context does not connote the un-manifested cycles of the hidden lines in the eternal order;  rather it has to do with the cycle of events below the water of forgetfulness within the orbit of material birth.

Destiny can be below and above depending on the psychic energy involved in both. Things visible are associated with the manifested symbols of the soul of the destiny while the un-manifested are within the realm of unconscious dimension of the realm of Remembrance. This may sound a bit complicating as it is not the topic under discussion. However, on the side of the person’s destiny that is associated with numbers, the person many at any point change his name and adopt any name he or she feels comfortable with, even at that, the underlying influence of the name given for the first time always remains. Time may fail me to analyze all these and how same affect us on daily basis.

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Author: Uche Atuma