RE-Duplicity of Kwara Government’s Deception

Our attention have drawn to the article titled “Duplicity of Kwara Government’s deception” where the writer accused Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed led administration of planning to use the recent issuance of promotion letter to about 14,000 teachers by Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) to score cheap political point ahead 2019 general elections.

The writer also badmouth prestigious traditional institutions in an attempt to dent the image of Kwara State Government by insinuating that Governor Ahmed upgraded 70 traditional rulers in 2014 as part of political gimmicks to win 2015 governorship election.

To put the record straight, Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed approved the upgrading of 70 traditional rulers in September 2014 based on recommendations of committee in charge chieftaincy affairs.

According to law, the local governments are responsible for payment of emoluments to the chiefs but the persistent drop in allocation to councils from federation account has incapacitated them from paying their emoluments. The current monthly LG allocation is not even enough to pay salaries of council employees and running costs.

However, the state governor is interested the comfort and welfare of traditional institutions in the state. Kwara State Government led by Governor Ahmed in the last three years has released fund for building of modern palaces for selected communities and purchase exotic cars for first class kings with escort vans.

On the issue of promotion of teachers, the governor directed SUBEB to issue promotion letters to 13,931 teachers after meeting with National Union of Teachers in Government House last week.
Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed at the meeting sympathized with the teachers over the inability of local government areas in the state to pay their promotion emoluments due to lack of fund as SUBEB teachers are LG employees.

The plan of Kwara state government to take over payment of salaries of Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and call for federal government to fully takecare of SUBEB funding are aim at reducing financial burdens of councils.

Factually speaking, promotion is the right of workers and issuing promotion letters to teachers does not has political undertone.

To be frank, Kwara State government despite economic recession is not owing state workers salaries. Governor Ahmed has been managing resources of the state of harmony prudently and would not want to commit the government to what affect prompt payment of workers.

Although, Kwara State government is not happy about the inability of LGs to pay promotion allowances/arrears but promotion benefits goes beyond the monetary aspect.

The promotion letter would properly place affected teachers in the right level/steps applicable to them and position them for next promotion. While beneficials thay are retiring would retire on newly promoted level which will reflect on their pensions.

Therefore, it’s laughable for some evil elements to be accusing the current administration of ruling with deceit. Governor Ahmed second term mandate ends May 28, 2019 and he will continue to deliver dividends of democracy to kwarans and residents that elected him. The governor can’t stop his good works because we are approaching general elections year.

A government that is running with lies/deception would not be bold to release its monthly allocation to general public and created different channels to communicate it programmes/policies to the citizenry.

Kwara State government is currently running programme on all Radio stations in the state to keep the people abreast with activities of government and get firsthand feedback from the people.

Finally, we would advise opposition to desist from spreading lies in order to misleading the masses and be constructive criticisms to strengthen democracy in the state and promote peaceful co-existence in our dear state.

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Author: Taiwo Adediran