Socially-focused Selling, The New Way Of Approaching Sales For Market Growth

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Successful results in sales don’t just happen. It entails more than simply adopting time-honored ways of getting new prospects (although, that’s still really important). You also need to try new things to connect with your audience, and that includes taking a close look at the growing range of socially-focused tools that are available in this digital age where information is at everyone’s fingertips.

No matter what you sell, the direct audience for your product or service isn’t businesses, organizations or institutions.

It’s the people.

They determine a lot in the success of your business, they can either make or mar your what you sell.

What makes social networks valuable are the people. You need to find them and build your audience. Not just any audience but one that is relevant to your business.

The new media has people commenting, interacting, following, Tweeting, and getting involved with the products and services they want to buy.

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is “Is Social Media only about connecting or can I use it to actually sell too?”

My answer is, ‘YES’.

Social Media has been tipped to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to sell, especially for short-term promotions.

Due to innovations through social channels, we are gradually becoming a highly networked society. Today, we connect with and engage more people directly and easily.

Every professional salesperson cannot afford to look at socially-based media as a waste of time or as a nuisance if he wants to truly get more deals in this era. Embracing social selling funnels as a professional or as a business will really go a long way to increase your business growth and get more repeat businesses.

Let’s have a look at key FEATURES of socially-focused selling

Think beyond social media. Plenty of businesses have jumped on the social media bandwagon over the past few years. Some have been successful, but plenty has fallen short of assuming all they had to do was set up an account on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Socially-focused selling is about more than just social media.

Persistence. More sales are won by those who refuse to give up early. Be creative in your efforts to be social. Balance phone calls, emails, direct mail and face-to-face selling.
Listening. Listening is probably one of the most profitable actions you can take in social selling. Consumers are telling you what they want, expect, and how to close their deal. You just have to be listening for the ques, the invitation to call upon them, the opportunity to help.

Social proof. At Engage, we’ve found that sellers who use testimonials, case studies and references improved their closing ratios by 30%. I have three quick pieces of advice here. First, ask for testimonials at every opportunity. Also, keep your testimonials current.

It is an obvious reality, that the cheese has moved, the market also has changed over the past several years. Capitalize on the golden opportunities that are available today

Successful sellers are lifelong learners and are always trying something new to fine-tune their craft. Test your efforts, evaluate regularly and make adjustments where needed.

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Author: Ayeni EKUNDAYO