The Ultimate Betrayal

Life is beautiful, that is what everybody says, but what we don’t know is that, not all people who call themselves friends are truly friends. I found that out in a hard way. Looking at the couple in front of me as they display their ‘stupid love’ — I wish I could crush their brains to the ground. How can they hurt me like this? I thought love is supposed to be what I read in novels and see in movies. I wish I never met them, but I did and this is my story.

I met Bayo in school; he is the bad, rich boy of the school, so we ladies should know how it would be like to be with someone like him. He was my desire for a man but not when it came to his character. Bayo wasn’t the caring type and most times, he got into trouble expecting me to bail him out. I remember the day I took Bayo to my parents’ house; they began to wonder what I saw in him. According to them, he was too proud and arrogant. I didn’t care what they saw in him, I was in love.

One day, my friends invited me for a party. I was very excited and asked Bayo if he wanted to go with me. We were sitting on his bed in his room in the hostel. “Which of your friends is celebrating?” He asked me. “It’s China, my friend,” I replied.

I knew Bayo and China didn’t like each other, the look on his face when I mentioned the name almost made me laugh. Couldn’t he just pretend to like her for my sake? The funny thing was, both Bayo and China had the same character; they were both rich and spoilt children who always wanted things done in their own way. They were always at loggerheads, which reminded me of the cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry. “So are you going?” I asked. He shook his head as if he had a fever.

“Go to that lame girl’s party? Are you joking?” I laughed thinking it would end there but it didn’t. “I don’t want you going either. She is too lousy for my liking. I don’t want my girl with such a person.” At first, I was shocked that he could ask me not to go to my best friend’s party. Then I tried to hide it with a laugh “You are joking?” I asked, the look on his face said otherwise.

“Why shouldn’t I go?” I almost screamed “You know China is my best friend and by the way, I don’t stop you from going to your friends’ parties.”  He started to sulk. My anger evaporated immediately as I tried not to laugh.   “So when is this your so-called party coming up?” A big smile appeared on my face, he was going to follow me, I thought.

“It’s starting from 7pm tonight. Please say you will come with me,” I begged. He turned his face left and right signifying a no. I was disappointed again. “So you are going to leave me all alone by myself tonight,” he said. I didn’t know what to say as I shrugged my shoulders. “It’s you that refused to follow me remember?” I said to him as I gave him a light kiss on the lips.

Standing up, he looked at me with mischief in his eyes. If I didn’t know better, I would say he was ready to let me go. “Where are you going to?” He asked. I looked at him, my eyes rolling as I showed him my wrist, “it’s time to go prepare, its 6 pm.” I was about taking a step away from him when he dragged me to the bed — turning me so he  could be on top of me. “Don’t go, stay with me for a while. Must you be there for 8pm?

Thinking about it, I really didn’t need to be there for 8pm, as long as I end up spending the night at her place. So I stayed back to ‘play’ a bit with Bayo. In the middle of our play, his friends came into the room. Glad for the interruption, I kissed him goodbye. It was easy for Bayo to get carried away when he was with his friends. I quickly went to my hostel to prepare for the party.

Getting to the party, I could see it was in full swing, though I knew I got there late, but I was sure that with what I saw, I didn’t miss anything. I sighted China from afar. Her face turned bright when she saw me. “I thought you were not going to make it. You were supposed to be here earlier?” She complained. I didn’t know what to say because I dared not tell her the reason why I came late; she would be more than pissed. So I hugged her instead. She laughed at this gesture (pleasing China is easy) and everything went back to normal as she took me to socialise with the group.

As time passed, everyone was in party mood and I was a bit tipsy when some guys walked into the party. I could see that these guys got almost everyone’s attention, so I looked to see who they were.

I smiled as I saw they were Bayo’s friends, it meant Bayo was close by. I went to meet them as they took turns in hugging me. “You guys came. Where is Bayo?” I asked. One of them, Prince by name answered. “He is coming, he just wants to get something in the car.”

I was too happy, so I decided to meet him where he was. I wanted to go and meet Bayo, but his friends tried to distract me, asking me to stay with them that Bayo would soon be inside the room and that I should go and get them a drink instead. I saw this as a good thing, so I did just that. Ten minutes later, Bayo still hadn’t entered the room. I started fidgeting, so I made an excuse to use the toilet.

I snuck out to the car but I didn’t see Bayo there. A frown came to my face. Where would he be? Just then, I heard moaning. I traced the sound to one of my friend’s car. I didn’t have to see who was inside as I saw the boxers he wore that afternoon when I was in his room. In anger, I left the scene and went back to the party.

I needed to get away from the party before Bayo came inside. Looking for China to tell her I was leaving, I met Florence (she was the owner of the car outside). I looked at her with disgust.   Thank God I controlled myself. “What’s up Ranti,” she was high on alcohol. I didn’t want to say anything to her, so I left. I didn’t even think she noticed.

Just then, something caught my attention, I saw China and Bayo. His hands around her neck. China was even trying to adjust her dress and I knew immediately whom Bayo had been banging in the car.

I felt like throwing up. How could they? I asked myself in tears as I went to meet them.  Bayo was about putting his arms around me when I slapped him hard on the face. He starred at me in surprise as I turned to China and I spat on her. I didn’t want to make a bigger scene, so I left immediately.

As I write this, neither of them has called me or even made any attempt to apologise. I hate them and I think they deserve each other. Not because of what they did to me but because I know they will cause each other pain.

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Author: Oyinkan Somorin