We are developing alternatives to Chinese Loans… U. S Secretary of State

Tony Ailemen, Abuja

U. S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has says United States President Donald Trump is developing alternatives to Chinese loans that will make it easier for African countries to access funds for infrastructural development.

Tillerson, speaking on the final leg of his African tour at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, explained that although the United States was not against taking loans from China, America is more concerned with the aftermath of the loans, as experience has shown that such countries ended up forfeiting their sovereignty.

” You have to be in charge of your local infrastructures. We have seen a situation were some countries lost such control due to the loans.”

Tillerson however noted that Trump has set up a committee to look at structuring financial strategy, similar to what the Chinese government is offering, with less risks.

” There are alternatives, including great potentials for public, private collaborations,”

Speaking on the abducted Dapchi school girls, he said he was hopeful that the girls would be released peacefully through safe negotiation.

He said the United States government has offered to assist Nigeria in ensuring speedy rescue of the girls by providing materials, intelligence and training, among others.

He affirmed that Boko Haram remains a threat to Nigeria and the subregion.

Tilerson commended President Buhari for leading the sub-region in the fight against terrorism, as well as his fight against corruption, which he noted had earned the president recognition at the African Union.

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Author: Bill Okonedo