What hell of ‘Eviction Notice’ can the Northern Youths give Igbos?

The Northern Youths have consistently twisted facts every time they mischievously intend to malign and denigrate the Igbos.  A seed long planted in their hearts has always been nurtured with the vice of hatred, greed and fallacy.  These Northern Youths should understand that the Igbos, despite the level of hatred perennially meted at Ndi Igbo by the Northerners, especially the Fulani elements have continued to be trail blazers in all they engage themselves in.  The Fulani youths in their exuberant folly fail to understand that there are more Igbos who have been celebrated within the international and local circles than the Fulanis.  So describing the Igbos the way the Northern {Fulani} youths did only exposed their resentment for Ndi Igbo.  Ndi Igbo are not deterred by it.  They are not demoralized by it.  Ndi Igbo keep shining in all the spheres of endeavours as people who understand the virtue of hard work.

Branding Igbos with all manners of names would never change the fact that Igbos have made more creative contributions in Nigeria than any other tribe.  So it is the height of malady and misrepresentation of facts for the Northern youths to claim what they did in their celebrated ignorance and mischief via statements credited to them in their mischievous ‘quit notice’ media morass.

Events unfolding these days have greatly revealed the burning hatred deeply rooted in the hearts of Nigerian youths who think less about Nigeria and more about regional and religious affiliations.  It’s unthinkable that the Northern Youths who see nothing wrong in the level of nepotism and systematic scheming out of Igbos in the scheme of things under the present administration could suddenly resort to defeatist strategies of threatening the Igbos in the North with ‘eviction notice’.

Let me ask my Northern brothers this question.  As people who claim to believe in the indivisibility and unity of Nigeria, how many times did the Hausa Youths reach out to the Igbo youths to have firsthand information on why they are agitating, if they claim to they to know better?  As people that claim to love Nigeria more than other ethnic groups, how many times did these youths visit Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison to ask him why he chose the course he did?  What did they do differently from their forefathers who believe that Nigeria is their heritage?  What have they done different in promoting unity in diversity beyond the myopic belief that Nigeria is their property?  What value have they added towards nation building, wealth creation and national stability?

For the avoidance of doubt, Igbos are more Nigerian than most Nigerians, including the Northern Youths.  While it is almost non-existent to see Northerners extending their investments and wealth to Igbo land or South East region, Igbos, especially the youths found home everywhere they settle and do so much to aid in development of those States and areas they’ve found themselves.  The taxes Igbos pay to State and Federal Government can never be equated with any other region.  Facts are there to see.

Anyone who believes that Igbo agitation lacks substance is not fair to Nigeria and Ndi Igbo in general.  Those who believe that there’s nothing worth talking about the way things are going, are cowards that hate Nigeria as a country.  Those who advise the President to suppress the Biafra agitation through arms are the same people who would easily dump him the moment it goes the other way round. As progressive as Ndi Igbo are, they have continued to suffer unjustly.  Their progressiveness instead of being seen as a national treasure are envied.  Instead of the Igbo’s being availed the opportunity to deploy their God’s given talents towards nation building, they’re schemed out and treated as non-Nigerian in a country they have more stake than every other tribes.

Today, Igbos have investments and immovable assets everywhere in Nigeria.  From Lagos to Kano; from Maiduguri to other parts of Nigeria.  How many Dangotes have production plants and other immovable assets in Igboland.  Could it be because Igbolands are not viable businesswise?  No, Igbo land has remained the hub of business and commercial activities in Nigeria.  Could it be because Igbos hate Hausas and Yorubas Investments in Igbo land?  No, Igbos, do not segregate along ethnic lines, more especially when business is involved.  This is because of the perennial hatred and divisive seed long planted in the hearts of other Nigerians, especially the Hausa – Fulanis.  They see Igbos as too wise to be given a chance to thrive.  They believe Igbos are too progressive and might become a strong force in the polity if given the chance to realize all their potentials.  This way, systematic policies targeting the Igbos have been consistently adopted against the Igbos.  Despite all these darts of hatred hauled at them, Igbos have continued to thrive.  They have continued to aid in nation building.  While many Igbos have been celebrated overseas as sound strategists and economists whose wealth of experience could reposition Nigeria and aid in prosperous nation building, they are hated, despised and killed in numbers at will by those who believe that Igbo lives are worth less than the lives of cows.  If Igbos have risen to agitate this ill-treatment perennially meted at them by asking to go their own way, so be it.  Whether it comes in the name of Biafra agitation or in any other form, it is the outburst of people who have been marginalized, ill-treated in a nation they have staked so much more than any other ethnicity in building.

For avoidance of doubt, Igbos are not going to be worse off in the event that the Hausa Fulani continue to threaten them with their eviction notice.  What comes around goes around.  Igbos have a genuine complain that should be addressed.  Suppressing it in any form could be likened to postponing the evil days. Igbos have long remained silent in the face of glaring inequality and manipulation. Hate them, love them, they are people who mean well for Nigeria; people who see every part of Nigeria as home.  Igbos believe in giving back to the society that makes them, little wonder we see Igbos locating their investments in the very places they reside.  It is a way of giving back to the society that has given them.  Unfortunately, the Hausa-Fulanis see it as a folly they can easily cash in on and deprive them what they have toiled to build.

Perhaps if the government of the day did not show glaringly its hatred for Igbos by publicly accepting to give less to where they get less vote; if they have not systematically cut off the Igbos from governance; if they have not deceitfully retired top Igbo officers in the Nigerian Army and other Armed Forces; if they have not systematically schemed out the Igbos from holding key positions in strategic institutions like the Nigerian Customs Service, Nigerian Armed Forces thereby creating the distrust that led to the Biafra agitation, the divisive tunes the Igbos are sounding today may not have risen at all.

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