Zamfara killings: Investigate Marafa’s Allegation, APC Chieftain Urges FG

Abuja – Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, has condemned the reported maiming and killings of innocent citizens in Zamfara State, urging that such issue should not be swept under the carpet.

Frank said that Agatu killings in Benue state, Killings in Nasarawa, Taraba and other states across the federation started from killing one or two persons to mass killings, adding that the case of Zamfara should be nipped in the bud quickly to avoid bigger conflagration.

In a statement, he personally signed on Wednesday, the Deputy National Publicity of the ruling party urged the heads of Nigerian security agencies to set up panel of enquiry into the allegations as raised by Senator Kabir Marafa.

Recall that the Senator had raised alarm on the floor of the Senate that in spite of seeming increase in the number of military men deployed to the area of conflict to prevent bloodshed, the killings has not only been sustained, it has festered rather.

“I was told that then we had 70 military officers but now we have more than 1,000 and nothing is being done. It is going on everyday, people being kidnapped. This Senate needs to ask some questions.

“If these military men are not answerable to the governor or they are disobeying him, the Governor needs to say it so that this senate or the federal government can take a position. It is just not enough to keep the blame on the door step of the federal government,” he told the Senate.

In his comments on the allegation, Comrade Frank, called on both local and international agencies saddled with curbing human right abuses to intervene and take a cursory look at the allegations raised.

“I will like to use this opportunity to commend the security agencies and by extension the federal government for all efforts made so far in combating security challenges facing our Nation.

“Therefore, I call on the security agencies to set up a fact finding committee to examine critically the allegations made by a highly distinguished senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

“According to the Senator, over 5,000 people were killed and abused. By so doing, perpetrators of the dastardly acts will be brought to book and thereby serving as a deterrent to the people. Hence, a long lasting solution to the security challenges in Zamfara state and other states of the federation.

“I have great confidence in the senate president and the senate at large. I have no doubt that the senate will act with utmost urgency and sincerity as regards the issues raised by Senator Marafa.

“Therefore, let’s not sweep this allegation under the carpet as if properly investigated will bring peace to Zamfara state and every other part of the country that is going through turmoil.

“I hereby appeal to the federal government, the senate and all other relevant agencies to intervene in the allegations made by Senator Marafa as regards the loss of lives in Zamfara state.

“It’s important to note that the loss of a single person deserves our sympathy. As citizens, we must show empathy at all times. We must avoid playing politics with the loss of lives,” he said.

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Author: Rotimi Akinwumi