Zoning of Elective Position(S): Is it necessary? | By Ibrahim Amoto Abdulsalam

It is that period where those jostling for various political offices are mobilizing, strategizing and seeking to reach out to the electorates due to the fact that ekection is fast approaching. The supporters of these men/women are also out trying to sell their candidates to the electorates via various platforms most especially on social media.

What really caught my attention was the increasing call for zoning of elective positions by some of the youths on social media and elders alike. This I find very disturbing and retrogressive that if this call is allowed to reach a larger audience it will prove detrimental to the progress of our collective well being.

Firstly, the constitution does not make provision for zoning of elective position both at state and federal level. And the saying goes; the constitution is ‘’supreme’’, and the constitution should be our guiding principle. That which is not in the constitution has no legal backing and an aberration in itself. 
Secondly, people ought to be elected based on their ideas, ideals, competency, sincerity, trustworthiness and track records in their respective fields of endeavor. Where one hails shouldn’t be a determinant factor when vying for elective posts. Zoning therefore, lead to phasing out of credible potential leaders out of scheme of things, because the best men for the job may not be allowed to contest by virtue of zoning.
In this era, what we should lay more emphasis on and be clamouring for are leaders who are vision, astute, cosmopolitan in approach, have a good grasp of how modern societies function, and not leaders who are chosen as a result of them being from a particular zone or region. I will like to cite examples in the persons of erstwhile Presidents, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr. Gooodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Both men were chosen/elected to appease the sections of the country they hail from at the expense of more qualified people from other sections. But that didn’t transform the lives of the people from those places and the country at large, save for their cronies and family members.
I, hereby appeal to the youths and elders, especially the ones from Kogi Central where I hail from, to sell their candidates to the general public and let them decide based on their convictions, and not where they hail from.

Ibrahim Amoto Abdulsalam, is a social commentator and public affairs analyst.

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Author: Ebira Reporters