Trump’s Possible Fed Pick

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Women of Color Face Staggering Amount of Harassment in Astronomy (Trevin)

Hostility toward women in the sciences is fierce, but in astronomy it’s twice as bad for women of color, many of whom “feel unsafe at work, attending conferences, and conducting field research.”

Is Owning a Car Becoming Outdated? (Reader Steve)

With the era of self-driving cars apparently fast approaching, this article outlines why individual car ownership is coming to an end.

Trump’s Possible Fed Pick: Fmr Goldman Sachs banker – and Democrat (Dan)

Will Gary Cohn take the helm of the central bank from Yellen? Sources close to the process say if Cohn wants it, it’s his.

China’s First Foreign Military Base – Who Noticed? (Russ)

True, Djibouti is a tiny country, but it is smack dab by the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Just another example of challenges to America’s supremacy in the Trump Age.

Civilian Catastrophe – The Real Numbers of Casualties by Iraqi and US Forces (Reader Pat)

Amnesty International report says US Iraq Coalition likely committed war crimes with indiscriminate killing of nearly 6,000 civilians in Mosul, Iraq.

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