14 ways to reduce your site’s bounce rates

I’ve often looked at bounce rates and associated metrics as a way to measure the general stickiness and appeal of a website. In my case, this has normally been blogs and publishers’ sites, but the principle applies generally. 
Here are several suggestions for ways to keep visitors from leaving your site and enticing them to stick around and view more pages.
What are bounce rates?
Bounce rates tell you what percentage of people left a given page on your website without viewing any other pages. It’s not to be confused with exit rates, which simply tell you the percentage of visitors that left the site from a page (i.e. they may have viewed other pages first).
Also, it’s important to be aware that users could spend 10 minutes on your page before they leave the site.
In this scenario, it could well be that the page has fulfilled its purpose (or that the user has just forgotten to close it).
What do bounce rates tell you?
It’s generally used, along with other metrics, as a measure of a site’s ‘stickiness’.
For example, on SEW, I’d like people to