4 Steps To Instantly Transform Into An Attractive And Popular Person

Being attractive is something everyone craves for in our daily interaction with people. We all like to have lots of friends we are popular with. Even business executives constantly think of ways to attract more people to their brands.

Attraction is not only the basis of finding a love partner, most people include attraction laws in their work ethics.

While we might mostly square attraction into physical appearance, attraction goes beyond visual appeal. We are attracted to people based on their level of confidence, passion and personality.

Science Of People has put together a list of tips that would help you in becoming an attractive person.

  1. Stop Being Boring

Looking ‘hot’ is a good thing, in fact, it sets you apart and immediately gets people attracted. However, being hot is not enough. Our brains are like toddlers who constantly demand to be fed with entertaining nuggets.

According to discoveries made by New York Times best-selling author and developmental molecular biologist, John Medina, the brain has a very short span when it comes with retaining attention. Our brains are constantly attracted to people who are intriguing, interesting and engaging.

Being an intriguing, interested and engaging person would not only set you apart, but would keep people glued to you.

2. Impress People In Thirty Seconds.

It is true that people judge you the moment you walk into a room. According to science, attraction happens within the first 30 seconds, as  our brains judge If a person is worth our time or not within 30 seconds.

3. Be Available

While things that turn people on may differ, the idea can all be summed up into one single word; ‘availability’.

In dating, we are interested in knowing if our partners would be physically available.

In having friends, we want to know if our friends would be emotionally available.

While searching for business partners and work colleagues, we seek for people who are intellectually and economically available.

Whether at a networking event, party or business meeting, being available would make you seem attractive.

A variant of this trait is being a good listener.

In other words, showing up is not enough, you have to find a way to be available.

4. Speak Body Language

Research has shown that most of the things we say does not come out of our mouths.

Understanding body language is very important to help us fully comprehend the things that people say, and the things they do not.

During our everyday interactions, we would recognize that most people are either too shy to communicate fully, or just too ‘stuck-up’.

Language itself has been described as a symbol used to represent our feelings. However, language itself is incapable of representing everything that we feel.

Understanding when your partner in your relationship really means to say ‘hold me’ when she says “leave me alone”, or when your business associates needs more convincing while saying openly putting down your business ideas

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