5 Reasons Why It Is Totally Acceptable To Lie In A Relationship

Honesty is key to any healthy relationship. As a matter of fact, a lot of people value honesty above other factors such as love, commitment, sexual attraction and communication.

However, there are times when being a little dishonesty can be good for the relationship.

Even though it’s not recommended to lie to your partner, there are situations where leaving out some details can do you and your relationship a lot of good.

Here are five common lies you are likely to commit in your relationship and why it is totally healthy for you to leave out some details for the overall benefit of everyone.

If You Have Dated Someone Close To Him/Her

Who wants to know if you have dated their friends or family? No one! This has the potential of ruining a beautiful relationship, especially if you know it will make your partner uncomfortable or cause a rift between both of you.

So why not leave out the intricate details and concentrate on building what you guys have now.

If She Is Terrible In The Kitchen and In The Bedroom


A woman hates to hear two things: “you don’t know how to cook and you are terrible in bed.” It kills her ego and her efforts. So a little lie would not hurt.

There are more refined ways of making her know her flaws. Tell her politely how you like your food (with her flaws in mind).

You could tell her that the food is too salty or over spiced without making her efforts worthless. You could also teach her how to spice things up in bedroom.

Your Finances


Telling your partner a little white lie about how much you earn, your current savings or if you are neck deep in your debt can sometimes be acceptable, depending on the situation you find yourself. The best thing to do is to ask yourself if your lie will have a significant impact on your relationship.

Being upfront about your finances can only be okay if you both have a joint account.

If you, however, operate separate accounts, withholding some details can be acceptable, especially if your other half is a spendthrift.

The Future of the Relationship

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It is a fact that not all relationships will end in marriage. While some are for fun others are for keeps. Some people just want to have relationships without any future commitments.

They would enjoy each other’s company; some even live together but have no intention of marrying.

This sort of relationship is toxic, because nobody wants to be treated like a tool or play second fiddle to anyone else.

If your partner ask you questions regarding the future of your relationship (when in reality you have no intentions of settling down with them) sometimes it is best to lie.



Cheating of any sort is complete betrayal because you not only sabotage the trust, but you also put your partner’s health at risk even if it happened just once.

In truth, you won’t be doing yourself or your partner a favour by keeping your infidelity a secret, but admitting to having sex with someone else wouldn’t help either. Unless you are ready to call it quit.

Instead, have a conversation that will be focused on making your partner understand why you were unfaithful with a promise that it will not happen again (even if you know it might happen again).