5 Ways Boring B2B Brands Can Kill It With Content

As a writer, I aspire to get as much engagement on my social media content as Nike does.
However, the engagement that B2B brands receive on social media is rarely in the same range as B2C brands. While Nike might be too unrealistic a goal to work towards, there are quite a few B2B brands that are doing extremely well on social media. According to this report by Forrester, B2B brands are investing more than ever before on social media marketing.
A report published by Brandwatch holds that around 76% of B2B brands they studied had a social media presence on at least one social network. What is even more interesting is that they have a wealth of followers.
On average, the B2B brands on Twitter have more than 47,000 followers and those on Facebook have over 200,000 page likes. And you know what that means: ROI!
In this article, I showcase 5 lessons you can learn from the Nikes and Go Pros of the B2B world:
1. Celebrate Your Employees
You often hear social media gurus advising B2B brands to humanize your brand and make