6 fun and easy exercises to do with your kids

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With the alarming (and climbing) rate of childhood obesity, it’s more important than ever that parents model healthy behaviors for their children.

Being a fit family doesn’t mean you have to drag your kids to the gym or put them on a diet.

In fact, living a lifestyle of movement and teaching them how to appreciate the benefits of exercise will help them grow up with a mindset that caring for their bodies is important.

1. Yoga – Yoga is a natural fit for most kids. They’re already naturally quite flexible, and doing yoga is like a big game of Twister with all weird poses and shapes you make with your body. However, it’s vital that children are taught good form so they don’t get hurt.

2. Bike Riding – Your kids need to learn how to ride a bike at some point, and since you were going to teach them anyway, why not get in some practice and exercise? When kids are too little to ride on their own, consider investing in an attachment that goes onto the back of your own bike that allows your kids to pedal.

3. Kickboxing – This intensive form of exercise will get the heart rate up as arms punch and legs kick—perfect for energetic little ones. You can exercise and teach your kids some great moves that they’ll love to do with you.

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4. Body Weight Exercises – Jumping jacks, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, and other body weight movements are perfect for getting in some exercise and expending excess energy. Kids, as you know, are full of spare energy that, if not channeled properly, can quickly become mischief.

5. Dancing – Kids love to dance, and even if you’re not an expert dancer yourself, try DVDs like Zumba or even belly dancing to get your kids to exercise along with you. Or, just simply throw on Pandora or Spotify and let your limbs move about as they wish.

6. Park Day – Your local park is full of creative ways to exercise, even if you didn’t know it. From the monkey bars to the slides to the decorative rocks, there are opportunities galore for chin ups, tricep dips, squats, and more.

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