A minister slumped in an IDP; and her aides fought reporters, smashed recorders to ensure her pictures weren’t taken

Nigeria’s Minister for Women Affairs Aisha Hassan slumped yesterday while inspecting an IDP camp in Fufore local government of Adamawa state. And while that happened, her overzealous aides rushed to black journalists who were with her in the tour from taking her pictures.

Actually, one of her aides smashed some journalists’ recorders as he ordered them to leave the scene.

Aisha, popularly known as Mama Taraba, was inside the camp’s store to inspect foodstuff and other items supplied by the Federal Government. Before being appointed a minister by President Buhari, Aisha and APC politician, contested for governor in Taraba state and narrowly lost to Darius Isiaku of the PDP.

Before her collapse, the minister had told the IDPs that she was directed to visit the camp by President Muhammadu Buhari, to investigate allegations of rape and children abuse in camps in the Northeast.

Hassan urged the IDPs to believe the present government. She assured them that very soon they would be back to their ancestral homes.

The minister who also presented assorted items to the IDPs said that government was working hard to rebuild the region and that the administration would continue to provide people-friendly projects to Nigerians.

In May, there were reports of Aisha secretly receiving medical treatment in the United States. The report surfaced after she was not seen in public for many months immediately after her inauguration. Saharareporters said the medical condition for which she sought treatment abroad was orthopaedic. She was reportedly having difficulty in walking.  None of those conditions were made known to the Nigerian public. It is not clear whether her medical bill was not paid with tax-payers’ money.

Aisha’s slump and her aides’ shameful response happened just few days after Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming United States election, buckled at the knees and nearly slumped after abruptly leaving a 9/11 commemoration event in New York. Videos of that moment has since gone viral. Pressmen were not attacked by her aides nor was anyone’s recorder smashed, even though her campaign had entered a critical stretch and the image of her buckling was going to play into the hands of her opponent, Donald Trump, who had, weeks before then, accused Hillary of low stamina and physical unfitness for the Oval Office.


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