‘Zamfara, First To Implement Sharia Also Has Highest Poverty Rate’ – Sanusi

Muhammad Sanusi II, the emir of Kano, made a curious case for the separation of state and religion (or did he?) when he spoke on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at a Mo Ibrahim Forum on leadership in Africa. According to TheCable, the emir said that after Zamfara State was the first to start the implementation of sharia law in Nigeria, it also has the highest poverty rate in the country. Sanusi, while speaking at the forum in Marrakesh, Morocco, also said that those who “see religion as a tool of getting power”, are not necessarily better than the rest of the people. He said they should, however, be given a chance to participate in a democracy, so that they do not go on “pushing a myth, that they were not given a chance”. “I think the ability to give these groups a chance, you know people come and say they want to establish Islamic law, and they are elected,” he said. “Give them four years, after some time people find out that they have not improved education, they have not put food on the table, they’ve not provided healthcare, they vote them out. “So long as you don’t give them a chance to try and succeed or fail, you have a myth of people being denied an alternative, that would make their lives better. I think the mistake that many people make is that they simply don’t have the patience to wait four years. “We have had it in Nigeria; people came and said they were implementing Sharia. Zamfara state started Sharia in Nigeria, yet it has the highest rate of poverty in the country today. “It’s a matter of time before people realize that this is all deception, this is all politics, this is not religion; it is about politicians appropriating religion as a discourse for getting into power.” Zamfara State implemented Sharia in 1999 under then Governor Sani Yerima. Kano followed shortly after. By 2012, nine states – Sokoto, Katsina, Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kebbi, and Yobe, in addition – had implemented Sharia. Three Nigerian state, Kaduna, Niger, and Gombe, instituted sharia in some parts with large Muslim populations. Sanusi is one of several northern politicians who are intensely lobbying to be appointed vice president by Professor Yemi Osinbajo in the event of President Muhammadu Buhari’s demise. The emir, an inside source revealed to The Trent, has taken steps to strengthen his candidacy by becoming more visible in the media of recent and making comments that would appeal to the a national audience, for example, his recent comments on educating the girl child, replacing mosques with schools, and restrictions on polygamy for poor Muslim men. “Essentially, what you have heard Sanusi say in recent times would irk his Muslim fundamentalist base but appeals to Christians and moderate Muslims,” one source said.

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Muslim Group Threatens To ‘Make Ekiti Ungovernable’ For Govenor Fayose

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has condemned the move by the Ekiti State government to demolish four mosques in the state over health concerns due to the location of the worship centres close to petrol stations. The mosques were marked for demolition last week because the Muslim worshippers could “contact cancer from the radioactive emission from the petrol stations where they are located” news reports said. MURIC has gone ahead to threaten Governor Fayose in an inflammatory statement obtained by The Trent on Friday, April 7, 2017 threatening violence and calling for judgement on the governor. The group accused Fayose of forming an “all-Christian” government and marginalising Muslims in the southwestern state. “The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) condemns the attempt to demolish the mosques. It is an act of aggression against the peace-loving and law-abiding Muslims of the state. It is primitive, provocative and sadistic. It is an undisguised invitation to anarchy,” the statement, signed by MURIC director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, said. |The state government’s excuse of exposure to cancer is lame, infantile, laughable and untenable. What of hundreds of petrol attendants who have been serving in petrol stations in Ekiti State since its inception on 1st October 1996? How many of them have had cases of cancer? How many petrol attendants in the whole of Nigeria have been exposed to radioactive emissions? Can the claim be certified by the World Health Organisation? Fayose’s public health adviser must be from hell! “But the wind has blown and we have seen the ruff of the hen. Fayose’s radioactive emission is a mere cloak for political vendetta. It has since been revealed that all the four petrol stations involved belong to Alhaji Suleman Akinbami, a chieftain of the opposition party. “Fayose has probably forgotten that the end users of those mosques are the Muslims of Ekiti State and the petrol dealer cum philanthropist hardly uses them. It is impossible, at least, for him to physically worship in all the four mosques simultaneously. This is where Fayose misfired. He is invariably targeting Muslims in Ekiti State by attempting to demolish those mosques but he has forgotten that anyone who attacks a mosque anywhere in Nigeria has courted the wrath of Nigerian Muslims. Ekiti State governor is waging war against Islam. Fayose has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more. “Yet, we cannot trust Fayose when it comes to matters affecting Muslims. He may be killing two birds with one stone. To put it more succinctly, by demolishing the four mosques, Fayose hopes to punish a political opponent and also castigate Ekiti Muslims whom he hates so much at the same time. “His antecedents bear vehement testimonies to his pathological hatred for Muslims and their religion. It will be recalled that Fayose formed an all-Christian government after assumption of office in 2015. His deputy governor, secretary to the state government, all 14 commissioners, all 26 permanent secretaries are Christians. “Using the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission, EKSIEC, Fayose in December 2015 banned Muslim women in hijab from partaking in the local government elections thereby effectively disenfranchising a large section of Muslims. “Known for constantly running diarrhea of the mouth, Fayose accused President Muhammadu Buhari of Islamising Nigeria just because the latter visited Saudi Arabia in February 2016. But he did not see any Christianisation agendum when his principal, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was shuttling between Abuja and Tel Aviv every fortnight. “His open bigotry and untethered hatred for Muslims makes him the governor with the worst record of Christian-Muslim relations in the whole wide world. “Drunk with absolute power which corrupts absolutely, Fayose has rebuffed the request of leaders of the Ekiti Muslim community to meet him over the mosques marked for demolition. “Consequently, the Muslim leaders have suspended today’s Jum’ah prayer in all the four mosques affected. Thus Fayose will be remembered as the Christian dictator and fanatical chief executive who stopped Muslims of Ekiti State from worshipping their Creator. “MURIC charges Muslims in the state to repose their confidence in Allah who is their Supreme Creator and the Creator of Fayose and other tyrants of the world. “It is decreed that Fayose will go one day but Almighty Allah will be there forever. Fayose’s power will melt away one day like ice cream in the burning desert sun. ‘All that is on earth will perish. Only the face of your Lord will abide forever…’ “Fayose’s power is ephemeral. He will soon become an ‘ex-this and ex-that’. We urge the Imams in Ekiti to magnanimously visit Fayose in Kirikiri after his tenure as governor when he eventually starts to account for his abuse of power while in office. “We urge Ekiti Muslims to resist Fayose’s illegal attempt to destroy those mosques. They must go to court, get a restraining order and continue to pray there. “Where are those who claim that Christians are persecuted in the North? The tragedy of the Nigerian nation lies in the hypocrisy of the elite class and the collusion of the media in the South-West axis. “The whole world can see how a Christian governor is persecuting Muslims but Nigeria’s social critics have maintained an unusual silence. Where are the Soyinkas and the Falanas? These people see nothing wrong so long as it is Christians who are perpetrating evil. Oh God, what have we done? “Fayose, Fayose, Fayose, how many times did we call you? Why persecutest thou Muslims? “Muslims may be left with no option than to make Ekiti ungovernable for Fayose if he goes ahead to demolish those mosques. “Freedom of worship is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution and civil disobedience is the inalienable right of a persecuted people. Those who make it impossible for us to worship freely are guilty of a crime. Every patriotic citizen has the obligation to disobey illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional orders. We will resist this oppression if the system will do nothing about it. “In conclusion, we call on well-meaning citizens of Ekiti State to call this ravaging governor to order. He cannot trample on Allah-Given fundamental rights of Muslims and expect them to put their tails between their legs like frightened dogs. “Already, Muslims in the state embarked on a peaceful demonstration two days ago. We haven’t seen anything yet. We should do everything possible to prevent this crisis from snowballing into a national mayhem. Those who know Fayose’s first name should call him to order now,” the statement ended.

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Husband Of Late Director Of SEC, Louise Eni-Umukoro, Charged For Her Murder

The Nigeria Police Force has filed murder charge against a politician and husband of deceased Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Louise Eni Umukoro, before an FCT High Court. The inspector general of police charged Charles Eni-Umukoro with culpable homicide, which is punishable with death under Section 221 of the Penal Code. According to the charge signed by Kenneth Ubanwa of the Legal/Prosecution Section of the Force Headquarters, Umukoro allegedly caused the death of the woman by “hitting her on the head which caused internal haemorrhage with the knowledge that her death would be the probable consequence.” Attached with the charge is an autopsy report from the Department of Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology of the National Hospital in Abuja, which shows that the deceased died from ‘subdural haemorrhage’ resulting from two bruises on both sides of the neck, which the doctors said are products of ‘external force’. The criminal charge followed a complaint by the deceased family, Eliab U. Ukponmwan of Oredo Local Government Area, Edo State, where they cited several incidents of violence among the two, which they alleged led to the deceased’s death on April 22, 2016. In a petition to the IGP dated August 17, 2016, the family’s counsel, Barrister Ezekiel Ugochukwu stated that there exists circumstantial evidence against the husband based on the incidents of the evening of April 21, 2016, when she went to the hospital with head injuries. In April, 2016, when the victim passed away, SEC posted a notice on its website announcing her death. Her obituary in the press appeared typical and the fact that she was a victim of domestic violence was missing. “Louise Eni-Umukoro was born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. E. U. Ukponmwan, in Edo State on the 27th of March 1960, Mrs. Louise Eni-Umukoro joined the Commission on 22nd October, 1986 as an Assistant Economist and rose through the rank to attain the highest career position in the Commission – Director in January 2010,” the statement said. “Until her untimely passing, she was one of the most experienced staff of the Commission, a consummate and hard working professional. She made indelible contributions to the current framework for regulating collective investment schemes in Nigeria during her fruitful years as Head of that Department.  Her contribution to the work of the Committee on the Review of Minimum Paid-Up Capital for Market Operators earned her Commendation from Management in 2003. “Her last posting was to Head the Zonal Office Coordinating (ZOC) Department. She was entrusted with that position as a mark of confidence in her ability to lead the transformation reforms needed at the Zonal Offices. Her demise is really sad because she was already doing a great job of introducing innovative ways to strengthen the Zonal Offices. “Mrs. Louise Eni-Umukoro was a compassionate leader, a caring mother and a mentor to many who served under her. She has left a huge vacuum and will be sorely missed by all of us. “She is survived by her son, husband and aged mother,” the statement ended.

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Remi Tinubu Embarrasses Ondo Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, On Stage (PHOTO)

One thing you can’t deny is that Remi Tinubu is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeves and she is often the channel for her husband’s true feelings. From Mrs. Tinubu’s reaction to Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu at the annual Colloquium organised in honour of Bola Tinubu, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and former governor of Lagos State, it is obvious that the reported truce between Akeredolu and Tinubu is a farce. According to SaharaReporters, Senator Remi Tinubu couldn’t hide her disgust for Governor Akeredolu, a senior advocate of Nigeria, as she pointed at him and “ordered him out of the front row” during a group photograph at the event which held on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 in Lagos. “Several eyewitnesses at the event say that Mrs. Tinubu upon sighting Mr. Akeredolu at the front roll spontaneously snapped violently against the Ondo Governor and ordered him out of the front roll,” the online tabloid, popularly referred to as the “mouthpiece” of the APC, reported. “Sources said that it took the intervention of the celebrant, Tinubu, and the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akinolu before Mrs. Tinubu could be pacified.” Governor Akeredolu, gentlemanly, moved to the back to “completely douse tension” the eyewitness accounts say. Dignitaries at the front row, apart from the celebrant and his wife, were Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, the representative of President Muhammadu Buhari, the interior minister, Abdulrahman Dambazau, Governor Akeredolu, and others. Akeredolu undercut Tinubu’s influence in the last Ondo governorship poll when he ran against the APC founder’s chosen candidate and won the primary. The fact that the national party’s machinery was deployed in support of Akeredolu and against Tinubu’s candidate, Segun Abraham, irked the former Lagos governor. He wrote an open letter to the national chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun-Odigie, threatening to leave the APC and denounce his unconstitutional title of “national leader”. But, when Tinubu attended Akeredolu’s inauguration in February, 2017, reports began to emerge that the two men had settled their differences. Mrs. Tinubu went into a nasty public spat with fellow Senator Dino Melaye, still on the matter of channeling her husband’s feelings on politicians who don’t agree with him. This time, the fact that Senate President Bukola Saraki undercut Tinubu’s ploy to a senate president was mentioned as the reason for the bad blood between Remi Tinubu and Melaye, who is a staunch supporter of Saraki. She has also exhibited aggressive behaviour in the Senate, verbally assaulting Senator Musiliu Obanikoro during his ministerial confirmation hearing in 2014 and wilfully taking the seat reserved from the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu in protest of the fact that an opposition party member holds a key position in the Senate.

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Dino Melaye Insists That Buhari Can’t Represent Magu To The Senate

Dino Melaye, the chairperson of the Senate  Committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and senator representing Kogi West, has said that following the Senate rejection of the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on two different occasions, President Muhammadu Buhari cannot validly re-nominate the same candidate again. Melaye while commenting on the debate in the media about whether Magu can continue to act as EFCC boss in spite of his failure to be confirmed by the Senate or if the President can renominate him, Melaye said there is a provision of the Senate rules which would not allow members consider Magu for the same position again. Citing Order 131 of the Senate Rules, Melaye said after the rejection of Magu’s nomination, his candidacy is considered lapse and therefore advised the President to consider a fresh nominee who is qualified, in terms of experience, integrity, knowledge and temperament to lead the anti-graft agency. Order 131 of the Senate Rules states that “nominations neither confirmed nor rejected during the session or within 21 working days in the case of Ministerial nominees shall be returned by the clerk to the National Assembly to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and shall not again be made to the Senate by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. The Senator who insisted that Magu did not impress anybody including those Senators who would have been sympathetic to his cause during the confirmation hearing in the Senate urged President Buhari to look for a replacement and avoid actions that may result in violation of the laws of the land. “Those suggesting to the President that after failing to scale the confirmation process twice, the President should leave Magu to be acting are only recommending violation of the law, disrespect for due process and perpetration of illegality. All these will only undermine democracy and constitutionalism in our country. “Those drafters of the law who made the provision that the Senate should confirm the nomination of the EFCC chairman did not make any mistake and nobody should observe the law in the breach by getting a person into that office who has not been confirmed,” the senator said. “Magu is not greater than the law creating EFCC. Magu is not the last messiah. He can’t be the only competent person for the job out of 170 million Nigerians.” Senator Melaye asked, “Should he voluntarily decline the appointment today, will EFCC fold up?”

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Nigerian Troops Arrest Deaf And Dumb Boko Haram Terrorist With 8 Mobile Phones (PHOTO)

Nigerian troops have arrested a dumb and deaf suspected Boko Haram terrorist. And because of his claimed disability, his name, age and origin could not be ascertained for now. “However, he was found to be in possession of eight functioning mobile telephone handsets, bunch of keys, two passport photographs, two amulet charms and a transistor radio,” said Brigadier Sani Usman. A 45-year-old suspected Boko Haram terrorist, Makinta Ibrahim, has also been arrested. He was said to be the supplier of petrol and other items to the remnants of the insurgents. The suspect was arrested at Bay emeritus village in Yobe. Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman, the army spokesman, who confirmed the arrest in a statement on Thursday, March 16, 2017 said the suspect hailed from Yaro Grematalti Yunusari Local Government Area of Yobe. “Both suspects are being further investigated,” he said. Usman said that nine suspected Boko Haram terrorists from Tambashe village, Dikwa Local Government Area of Borno, voluntarily surrendered to troops deployed along Dikwa-Gulumba Gana road. According to him, the suspects claimed to be tired of the situation under the Boko Haram terrorists group and willingly surrendered themselves to troops as a mark of repentance. “Nevertheless, the repentant suspects are further being investigated,” he said. Late December 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari declared victory over the Islamist terrorist group after Nigerian troops announced that they have recaptured Camp Zero in Sambisa forest, the base of the deadliest terrorist group in the world. The Nigerian Army later presented the president with the flag belonging to the terrorist group in a “mission accomplished” ceremony. Since the declaration a week ahead of Christmas Day 2016, Boko Haram has launched a number of deadly attacks in the North Eastern region of the country where the terrorists have murdered at least 50,000 since they began their campaign to establish an Islamic caliphate in the country.

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Tragic Thursday: 3 Dead In Fire Outbreak In IDP Relief Camp In Borno (PHOTOS)

The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has confirmed the fire incident that consumed an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Konduga, Borno State. Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of NEMA in the North-East, Abdulkadir Ibrahim disclosed that the IDP camp located at College Of Business Administration accommodates 6,213 IDPs. “The fire started at about 10. 40 am [on Thursday, March 16, 2017] from the cooking area leading to the death of three people and injury to six persons,” Abdulkadir said. Over 3 million Nigerians have been displaced due to the violent campaign of the Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram which it has waged mostly in the North East of the country. IDP camps in the country have suffered from lack of food and medical supplies largely due to corruption among officials. International humanitarian agencies say that tens of thousands of children in the IDP camps have died of malnutrition and many more will die unless conditions in the relief camps improve. Late December 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari declared victory over the Islamist terrorist group after Nigerian troops announced that they have recaptured Camp Zero in Sambisa forest, the base of the deadliest terrorist group in the world. The Nigerian Army later presented the president with the flag belonging to the terrorist group in a “mission accomplished” ceremony. Since the declaration a week ahead of Christmas Day 2016, Boko Haram has launched a number of deadly attacks in the North Eastern region of the country where the terrorists have murdered at least 50,000 since they began their campaign to establish an Islamic caliphate in the country.  

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Audu Maikori Rearrested From Sick Bed On Orders Of Gov El Rufai

Audu Maikori, lawyer and Nigerian music industry mogul, has been rearrested by the Nigeria Police Force on the orders of Kaduna Governor, Nasir El Rufai. According to information available to The Trent, the boss of Chocolate City, was picked up in Lagos, on Friday [March 10, 2017], where he lives and flown to Kaduna City. Maikori collapsed on Tuesday at a women’s conference hosted by Mo Abudu in Lagos. He was revived at the venue and taken to St. Nicholas Hospital. On hearing this news, which was reported by The Trent, Governor El Rufai sadistically decided to order that Maikori end pulled out of his sick bed and be take note to Kaduna to face phantom charges of “incitement”. The governor first ordered the arrest of the music industry mogul in February following advocacy that Maikori, a native of Southern Kaduna, had been doing online over the systematic killing of his people by the Islamist terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen militia. Mark Jacob, a lawyer involved in the case, told our reporter on February 17 that a pre-arranged detention order had been issued on Maikori even before he was arrested and his statement taken. “Audu has been detained. There was nothing we could do as the detention order had been signed before his statement was even taken,” Jacob, an indigene of Southern Kaduna, said. “The superior officers that could vary the detention order had all closed for the day leaving only the rank and file who were apparently, just obeying orders.” Our civil rights must not be encroached!! @audu has been detained in Abuja right now.. #freeAudu @bellanaija @lindaikeji — Yung denzL (@MI_Abaga) February 17, 2017 I voted for freedom of speech.. why is @Audu being denied it #FreeAudu cc @amnestyusa @BBCWorld @SaharaReporters @cnni — Yung denzL (@MI_Abaga) February 17, 2017 Audu did not instigate hate..civil rights do give you the liberty to lie (like the instigation lie you are telling) unless you r under oath https://t.co/Pf35xYksDs — Yung denzL (@MI_Abaga) February 17, 2017 Audu Maikori Marked Maikori, was recently the target of the All Progressives Congress’ online attack squad, after he relayed a story about the killing of 6 students of a college of education by Fulani herdsmen terrorists on Twitter. After intense scrutiny, he discovered that his driver had lied to him about the attack which, Simon, the driver, had said his brother was killed. Audu Maikori issued a retraction and an apology for the misleading report. Meanwhile, Governor Nasir El Rufai, in his usual vindictive approach to governance, has threatened to deal with Maikori and other indigenes of Southern Kaduna who advocate against the systematic killings of their people who are dominantly Christian, and therefore, killed by an organised Islamist terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen militia. El Rufai, is a Muslim Fulani, and has used his position as governor to defend the Fulani herdsmen and threaten Christians from Southern Kaduna who dare to speak up on the genocide. A journalist in Vanguard, Luka Binniyat, who relied on Maikori’s driver as the source for reporting on a story about the on-going genocide in Southern Kaduna was also arrested and interrogated by the country’s secret police, charged to court by the Kaduna State government, and remanded in prison on the orders of Governor Nasir El Rufai. The Southern Kaduna Genocide Southern Kaduna, a predominantly Christian area of the Northern state of Kaduna in Nigeria, has come under heavy and systematic ethnic and religious cleansing. Terrorists operating under the umbrellas of the Islamist Fulani Herdsmen Militia, the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world has been attacking communities in Southern Kaduna, killing, and maiming Christians and burning homes and churches. Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has publicly admitted that his government has found the members of the Fulani militia perpetuating the killing in Southern Kaduna and he has paid them a “compensation” for them to stop the killings. The governor revealed that the militia is made up of Fulani nomads from neighboring Cameroon, Mali, Niger and other countries. The victims of these murders are Christians and their attackers are on an ethnic and religious cleaning mission, according to the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN. While Christians leaders have called on communities under attack to defend themselves against their attackers, Muslim clerics in Kaduna have called for the arrest of Christian religious and political leaders from Kaduna and other parts of the country who have called on Christians to defend themselves against their attackers. These exchanges have led to an intense political environment.

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BREAKING: Buhari Set To Return To Nigeria On March 10 – Presidency [TWEETS]

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is set to return to the country tomorrow, Friday, March 10, 2017. The president is on an indefinite sick leave in the United Kingdom. According to information on the official presidency’s Twitter handle, @NGRPresident, the president is expected to return after concluding “routine medical check-ups”. President @MBuhari is expected to return to Nigeria tomorrow, Friday March 10, 2017. — Presidency Nigeria (@NGRPresident) March 9, 2017 2/ The President left Nigeria on January 19, 2017, for a vacation, during which he had routine medical check-ups. — Presidency Nigeria (@NGRPresident) March 9, 2017 3/ The holiday was extended based on doctors’ recommendations for further tests and rest. — Presidency Nigeria (@NGRPresident) March 9, 2017 4/ President @MBuhari expresses appreciation to all, across Nigeria and beyond, for their prayers and good wishes. — Presidency Nigeria (@NGRPresident) March 9, 2017 Buhari at Abuja House in London on Thursday received the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The president, in the photographs posted on his Twitter handle @MBuhari, was decked in a yellow prayer gown with a white cap; while his visitor was in a black suit. “Very pleased to welcome the Most Revd and Rt Hon @JustinWelby, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Abuja House this afternoon,” Buhari wrote. Very pleased to welcome the Most Revd and Rt Hon @JustinWelby, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Abuja House this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/jsRxeafVxM — Muhammadu Buhari (@MBuhari) March 9, 2017 President Buhari and Archbishop Welby exchanged handshake in one of the photographs. Some Nigerians raised concerns as to the health status of the president who looked wizened in the photos. Buhari Health Rumours Rumours about the health status of the president continue to swirl on cyber-space after a fake news website reported that Buhari had passed on. The Nigerian presidency has debunked the rumour and said that the retired military general, 74, is “alive and well”. “He is alive and well! President Buhari is not magical. He cannot be holidaying in the UK and be in Germany, dead or alive at the same time,” Garba Shehu, one of Buhari’s spokespersons, said in a short post on his Facebook page. The president left the country last week on a 10-day leave and is expected back home on February 2, 2017. While making the official announcement, presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina had assured that there is nothing to worry about the president’s routine medical checkup while on his vacation. The president himself also made it clear that there is nothing wrong with going on vacation, just before stepping into the presidential jet. The rumours won’t go away. Wednesday morning, news began to circulate online that the present was on life-support at King’s College Hospital. According to the blogger who reported the story, his source is an inside source familiar with the situation. The president was expected to return to the country on February 6, 2017, the same day that the presidency issued a statement saying that he had extended his medical leave indefinitely due to health reasons.

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Former Governor Mimiko Saves Dying Child From Motor Accident Scene (PHOTOS)

To a mother whose infant was dying at the scene of a motor accident on Monday, March 6, 2017, the angel she must have prayed that God would send to her help her turned out to be Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the immediate past governor of Ondo State. An eyewitness, David Aboi who spoke with The Trent’s correspondent in Abuja says that a multi-vehicle accident involving two commercial buses and a Dangote truck occurred along Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road near Abuja on Monday evening. “Many people were seriously injured in the accident which involved a private car, a Cross Country bus, a Peace Mass Transit bus, and a Dangote truck loaded with cement. The Peace bus was trying to slow down at a bridge when the Dangote truck, perhaps due to brake failure, ran straight into the three vehicles,” Aboi recounts. “The Dangote truck fell into a ditch and many people were injured. One man had his right foot almost decapitated. He was bleeding profusely. It was a terrible sight.” “The wounded passengers were being dragged out of the vehicles when Mimiko arrived the scene. The former governor was going to Abuja, I believe. It was the first time I have seen a governor in person up-close.” A crowd had gathered at the scene of the accident at Gegu village before Chikara when former Governor Mimiko arrived. His stopped his car and went through the crowd where he saw a injured mother and her infant child. The child was in a critical state. According to another eyewitness, (who took the photos showed in this report and pleaded anonymity), Mimiko immediately took the woman and her baby away from the scene of the accident and performed first aid on the child. “He [Mimiko] told her he was a doctor and he was there to help them,” he said. “It was a very compassionate scene. I had to take a picture, though it was difficult to capture the governor with my phone.” Mimiko gave the mother of the child some money and told his security detail to take her to the nearest hospital. The child and her mother were taken to Abaji General Hospital, in his Toyota Bus, we confirmed. After the mother and child left, the governor, who is also a former minister of housing, went back to the other accident victims and performed first aid on a number of them. “The governor tied the leg of the man whose right foot was broken and almost cut-off,” the source said. “I overheard him lamenting that had this happened in Ondo State, the emergency medical services would have been at the scene in just 12 minutes.” When contacted, a spokesperson for the Dr. Mimiko confirmed the incident but said that the former governor does not want to talk about it. “He doesn’t believe in self-glorification,” our reporter was told. Dr. Mimiko is a medical doctor who tenure as Ondo governor witnessed a revolution in the public healthcare system especially in the care for mothers and children. His award winning medical programmes, Abiye and Agbebiye, reduced maternal mortality in the state by 75% in 7 years.

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‘Restructure Nigeria Now Or Yorubas Will Form Oduduwa Republic’ – Ayo Adebanjo

Ayo Adebanjo, an elder statesman from the South West of Nigeria, has disclosed plans by the Yoruba nation to break off from the country and form Oduduwa Republic. The respected leader in the Yoruba nation also predicted that the country will soon disintegrate and noted that some radical Yoruba have drawn the map of their promise land. “We are going for disintegration. That is what I am sorry about. You cannot keep the country together like this. You would continually be suppressing there and suppressing here. The Southern Kaduna affair, the people there shouted against regionalism, because of the oppression there,” Chief Adebanjo told The Sun newspaper in a recent interview. “They said the Fulani were oppressing them. If you look at the recommendations of the 2014 National Confab, we said any area that has economic interests are free to stay together after a referendum of 71 per cent. That was how we brought in regionalism. We did all that to make sure we stay together. “If you look at the agitation of the South South, South East, they are not even insisting on restructuring; it is restructuring within Nigeria or outside of it. We even understand that some radical Yoruba have drawn the map of the Oduduwa Republic and all that, but we are keeping them down. “There is an advantage in the economy of scale but we cannot keep them down for too long when we know that they are being cheated. We say those areas that they feel they are being cheated; let us iron it out so that we can stay together. What is wrong with that?” You may read the full interview HERE.

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‘Unacceptable In A Democracy’: Fayose Slams DSS For Arrest Of PDP Guber Aspirant Gbadamosi

Ayodele Fayose, the governor of Ekiti State, has faulted operatives of the Department of State Security, DSS over the arrest of a former Lagos state governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi. The state governor who accused the DSS of tyranny and barbarism over the arrest and detention of the PDP member noted that the act clearly links the DSS as a tool used by opposition party, All Progressive Congress, APC to fight the masses. Ayodele Fayose who made reference to the recent arrest of Chocolate City boss, Audu Maikori by the DSS over his social media post warned the DSS that “nothing must happen to Mr. Gbadamosi because up till today, the DSS has not told Nigerians why he (Gbadamosi) was arrested and being kept incommunicado, without access to his wife and doctor.” The warning is contained in an e-mailed statement to The Trent signed by Lere Olayinka, a media aide to Governor Fayose on on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Ayodele Fayose in the statement said: “It is only in a banana republic that someone will honour invitation of security agency, only for him to be bundled into any available plane and moved from Lagos to Abuja without telling anyone what his offences were.” He further called on the DSS to release the party member with immediate effect adding that Gbadamosi has been and remains a prominent and law abiding Nigerian. He stated: “If they have any issue with him, let the DSS charge him to court.” Further in the statement, Fayose called on international bodies to look into the activities of the DSS adding that it had been turned into an instrument to oppress the public and oppositions. He added: “So many Nigerians are languishing in the DSS detention across the country, with many of them being detained for as long as 18 months. “For instance, the head of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement (IMN), Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, has been in detention since December 2015 despite that the court ruled that he should be released. Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has been in detention since October 2015 while former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd) has remained in DSS detention since December 2015. “This to me is unacceptable under a democratic government and the international community must save Nigeria and its people from this tyranny.”

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