British Mayor Sits Tight After Footage Of Him ‘Sniffing Cocaine’ Emerges (VIDEO)

Neil Rix, mayor of Dover in England has been recently filmed snorting a line of white powder that looks like cocaine while in a lavatory. A clip of Neil Rix has emerged where he is seen sniffing the powder withy a 20 pound note. The video which was uploaded on Youtube, on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, showed the mayor saying; “don’t let anyone come…don’t want anyone seeing councillor Rix doing this.” Rix later admitted to BBC that he snorted the substance while in the toilet, but that was six or seven years ago and he has since been clean, adding that he was drunk during the incidence. “People were putting stuff in my drink. I was being blackmailed. I’m glad it’s out in the open,” he said. Insisting he was against taking drugs, the mayor claimed that he did not know what the substance was. “It could have been sherbet for all I know,” he added. He also claimed that he cannot remember when the incident happened, adding that he would not be resigning. “I’m not standing down. “I just feel I have let down my family but I will get over it. I have had a lot of support from friends and family, people that know me,” he said. According to Telegraph, the Labour member who lost to Mr. Rix in the election for Mayor had said that the decision to resign or not was up to the councillor. “He has to ask himself can he continue in the role as mayor and councillor, but it is down to Cllr Rix to decide. “The big question is do the people of Dover want someone representing them under these circumstances? He should take a serious look at his position,” he said.

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