CESJET to Amnesty: We can help ourselvesgroup

Nigeria is capable of solving its problems and care for its citizens as already portrayed by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

A civil society organisation, Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) told the United Nations yesterday during a protest march to the UN office in Abuja against what it described as campaign of calumny by Amnesty International.

The thousands of protesters, led by the Executive Secretary of CESJET, Comrade Ikpa Isaac, said they were aware of several efforts by Amnesty International to undermine the ongoing struggle to maintain Nigeria’s unity.

“We have watched for long a group of buccaneers try to usurp our hard earned independence through back hand tactics of arm twisting and blackmail using the international media,” Isaac said.

“The agency has employed the use of various groups including famed non-governmental organisation in its quest to control the state orchestrating sinister plots which in no doubt circumvent the integrity, sovereignty and authority of our constituted government.

“We approve of steps taken by the Federal Government to secure its people. Nigeria is an independent nation and its sovereignty should not be an issue of negotiation.

“The laws of our land remain supreme and no other entity, nation or self-styled human rights group including Amnesty International can dictate for our leaders

“The Nigerian people will no longer sit back and watch while its nation and leadership are assailed by those whose sole aim is to administer the nation through remote control and return us to the colonial era.”
The team from the UN House received the letter from the CESJET leaders.