Climate change – a case of déjà vu

Weatherwatch: Today Doggerland is our Atlantis, a drowned landscape under the North Sea only visible from seismic surveys and occasional finds of ancient tree stumps

Brexit has happened before – around 7,500 years ago, when Britain was severed from mainland Europe by rising sea levels. That separation from Europe also happened at a time of higher temperatures, melting glaciers and rising sea levels. And even though climate change then was entirely natural, driven by the Earth’s orbit around the sun, it still carries a warning in the changing climate of the 21st century.

At the end of the last ice age, Britain was a peninsula of northwest Europe, connected by a vast plain called Doggerland. This fertile land was larger than the current UK, covered in rivers and lakes, with plenty of fish, birds and other animals and a place where stone age people thrived.

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