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Explain how and why you had to resort to extreme force and fire to eject the poor – UN queries Nigeria
Your Excellences, support change begins with me campaign – Lai begs governors
Edo a state where people live under 50c a day, to build $500,000 mansion for ex governor Oshiomhole
Oshiomhole to get life pension, 1 special assistant, 1 personal secretary, 2 cooks, 2 armed policemen, 3 vehicles every 5 years, and free medicals for life at the state’s expense
US Bishop Narrowly Escape Ambush By Islamist Gunmen In Nigeria
It is tough, they are fighting me with stolen money – Buhari
Reject Buhari’s $30b loan like Nnamani rejected Obasanjo’s 3rd term agenda – Fayose tells Saraki
Nigerian student in UK bags jail term for sexual harrasment
I returned the boy when I could’nt get a buyer – Abductor
No boy/child was burnt in Lagos – NPF
Buhari-Saraki meetings never touched loan issues – aide
Nigeria approaches Pakistan for Hajj Software

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UN seeks answers on eviction of 30,000 people in Nigeria

A United Nations human rights expert on Thursday has asked the government of Nigeria for an urgent explanation of the forced eviction of 30,000 people in Lagos State in the last week.

Four people are reported to have died in the latest operation to clear irregular developments along the state’s waterfronts.

Residents in the Otodo Gbame community say they suffered brutal treatment and are now homeless. Most of the people affected lived in poor fishing communities and say they have lost their livelihoods and food sources as well as their homes and possessions.

“It has been brought to my attention that the evictions may have involved the extreme use of force and fire by the Nigerian police force and Lagos State Government, leaving individuals and families scrambling in the middle of the night to find safety and shelter,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, Leilani Farha.

“The mass displacement and reports of four deaths are deeply disturbing,” she stressed.

In an urgent communication, Farha has asked the Nigerian government for information on the evictions, the methods used and their compliance with international human rights law.

She is also questioning whether the community was given adequate notice or alternative accommodation, as required by international law. The operation took place only days after the Lagos State High Court had issued an injunction restraining demolitions in the waterfront communities.

“What makes these evictions particularly concerning is that they were carried out in blatant disregard of a court order and have completely ignored international human rights guidelines on forced evictions,” the UN Special Rapporteur said.

“International law is clear: there must be consultation with the affected community, all alternative options to eviction must be explored, and a resettlement plan must be in place should the evictions be carried out,” she noted. “Under no circumstances should force or fire be used,” the expert urged.

The people affected, from the Egun and other ethnic minority populations, with no other options, lived in poor-quality homes along creeks and other waterfronts.

“It takes many years to build a home, a community, and a sense of trust with government, but only days to destroy it. It is truly unfortunate that so many people are left with literally nothing but memories of their former lives and questions about their human rights,” the independent expert said.

Daily Post: Lai Mohammed begs governors to support ‘Change Begins With Me,’ says programme not political

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has said the Federal Government’s re-orientation programme, “Change Begins With Me” has no political coloration.

Speaking during a presentation to the Governors Forum at the Presidential villa, Abuja, the Minister appealed to state governors to support the reorientation campaign.

According to Mohammed, “The campaign is aimed at achieving a paradigm shift in the way we do things and geared towards achieving an attitudinal change.
“With the total breakdown of our core values in the past years, it is imperative that we re-orientate ourselves with a view to restoring those time-tested values.
“Your Excellences, it is important to note that this is a national campaign. It has no political, religious, or ethnic coloration.

“The breakdown in our time-tested values, the preference for imported goods, the poor attitude to work, the mindless corruption in our society, etc, are not limited to any part of the country, any political party, or any religion.

“We are of the strong belief that your cooperation is absolutely important if the campaign is to succeed.

“Hence, we have taken up this opportunity to formally unveil it to you and to seek your collaboration.”

And SERAP asks Governor Obaseki to immediate withdraw 300 million Naira pension for Oshiomhole, deputy

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, has called on newly installed Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, to immediately withdraw the bill of 300 million Naira mansion retirement benefits for immediate past governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, and his former deputy, Dr Pius Odubu.

SERAP said Obaseki should rather use the funds to clear the backlog of pension arrears spanning between seven and 45 months.

The call came at the hills of reports of amendment of Law for Pension Rights of the Governor and Deputy Governor by the Edo State House of Assembly, with the immediate past governor and deputy governor expected to be the first beneficiaries.

The new amendment contains provision of residential buildings worth 200 million and 100 million Naira for the governor and his deputy at the expiration of their tenures.

In a statement on Thursday , the Executive Director of SERAP, Adetokunbo Mumuni noted, “Coming at a time the Edo State government can’t even pay its pensioners and salaries of workers, the amendment by the Edo State House of Assembly is immoral, unfair, unconstitutional, unreasonable, and a rip-off on a massive scale. Governor Obasaki must reject this grotesque bill if he’s to fulfil his election promises and lift millions of Edo State pensioners out of extreme poverty.”

“This so-called proposed legislation means that millions of Edo pensioners and workers will have to fund the massive and unjust pensions for former governor Oshiomhole and his deputy and others that will come after them.”

“Many of the retirees whose pensions have not been paid have been evicted from their apartments due to their inability to pay their rents‎.

“According to SERAP’s information, one of such retirees is Ihama Friday who at 60 is now squatting with friends. Another pensioner Osa-Aighobarueghia who retired as a headteacher continues to live a life of debts because the Edo State government has refused to pay her 30 months’ pension benefits.”

“SERAP is aware that the Edo State government is not the only state passing such obnoxious pension laws to provide outrageous retirement benefits to former governors and deputy governors and that many of them are already in the National Assembly receiving multiple benefits and putting their personal bank accounts ahead of the common good.

“SERAP is finalising a comprehensive legal strategy to challenge these unjust laws and to name and shame those who continue to benefit from such laws.”

“Nigerians should not be made to subsidise these bloated pensions and clearly undeserved perks. Governor Obaseki should not see disadvantaged Nigerians and poor pensioners according to Orwell’s Animal Farm dictum: ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’.

“Approving the amendment by the Edo State House of Assembly will amount to a fundamental breach of the governor’s constitutional oath declaration to serve the interest of justice, common good, transparency and accountability.”

“SERAP is appalled by this apparently unfair and discriminatory law. There is absolutely no justification for such law at a time the pensions systems across the country are in poor shape, and pensioners continue to be denied the fruit of their labour.

“Former governors and their deputies can’t lawfully give to themselves a steady stream of public funds for life at a time millions of pensioners including in Edo State face cut to their pension schemes and remain in poverty without any state support.”

ThisDAY: Oshiomhole to Get 200 million Naira House from Edo Govt

Edo State House of Assembly on Wednesday approved the construction of a residential building worth 200 million as terminal benefit for the immediate past governor of the state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole

Also approved is a house worth 100 million for the immediate past deputy governor, Dr Pius Odubu.
Adams Oshiomhole and Pius Odubu, completed two tenures of eight years as governor and deputy governor of Edo state respectively last Saturday.

Should the law be assented to by Oshiomhole’s successor, Godwin Obaseki, the former governor and his deputy stand to enjoy the pension benefits.

The bill titled, “A bill for a law to amend the 2007 Pension Rights of the Governor and Deputy Governor Law” was approved by the state lawmakers at the committee of a whole.

The only amendment to the pension rights of the governor and deputy was for the duo to enjoy residential buildings worth 200 million and 100 million in any location of their choice in Nigeria.

Other benefits to be enjoyed by the governor are a pension for life at a rate equivalent to 100 percent of his last annual salary in addition to an officer not above salary grade level 12 as Special Assistant, a personal secretary not below grade level 10 who shall be selected by the former governor from the public service of Edo state.

He is also entitled to have two cooks, two armed policemen as security, three vehicles to be bought by the State Government and liable to be replaced every five years, three drivers who shall be selected by the former governor and paid by the state government as well as free medical treatment for the governor and his immediate family.

On the other hand, the deputy governor is entitled to 100 percent of his last annual salary as pension, a personal staff not above salary grade level 12 as Special Assistant, a personal secretary not below grade level 09 who shall be selected by the former deputy governor from the public service of the state, a cook, two policemen as security.

Also approved for him include, two vehicles to be bought by the state government and liable to be replaced every five years, two drivers who shall be selected by the former deputy governor and paid by the state government and free medical treatment for him and his immediate family

Christian Today: Christian Peer And US Bishop Narrowly Escape Ambush By Islamist Gunmen In Nigeria

A US bishop and prominent Christian peer have narrowly escaped an ambush by Muslim militants in Nigeria.

Baroness Cox, a lifelong campaigner for religious freedom and member of the House of Lords, was visiting an area of Jos in Nigeria where Islamist Fulani herdsmen have wreaked death and destruction on thousands of Christians and dozens of villages in recent years.

The Fulani are regarded as even more of a danger in the plateau state than Boko Haram.

Baroness Cox was visiting a vulnerable village with Bishop Stewart Ruch III, of the Upper Midwest Diocese. Just 30 minutes after they left, armed men descended and began shooting randomly, including at a wedding party.

It is believed they were deliberately targeting Baroness Cox and Bishop Rich, and might even have mistaken the wedding party for their delegation.

Evangelist Hassan John, West Africa editor of Global Christian News, who witnessed the incident, said afterwards: “God protected our team and we had escaped the ambush set for us. No one was hurt. Just for those that came after us on the same village road. Am still in touch with the pastors in the village but so far there are no fatalities.”

Speaking to Nancy Gifford of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, which has been supporting John in studies at Oxford, he added: “Thanks for all your prayers.”

According to John, shortly after Baroness Cox and her team had left Lo-Birin village they received a phone call from the Christian minister, Gyang Boyi, who told them: “Barely thirty minutes after your team left, armed men came into the valley, the only way out of the village, and started shooting at people driving through. Many shot at were youths driving back from a wedding. They must have thought it was your team.”

Just months ago, the Fulani murdered the traditional ruler in the same village, as well as a Christian pastor, the Rev Chollom Sale.

During their time in the village, Baroness Cox and Bishop Ruch were told stories of the previous attack, when hundreds of armed militants chanting “Allahu Akbar” attacked.

Boyi described what happened.

“They were shooting with guns and then they followed people fleeing and killed mostly the elderly who could not run and women and children. Over 20 people were killed in the attack.”

Four villages were targeted in total in the same area. In one village, houses were torched and buildings deliberately pulled down to make it impossible for their Christian owners to rebuild.

Baroness Cox told survivors: “We count it a privilege to visit with Christians who are on the frontline facing all kinds of challenges everyday. Many in the West have no idea what kind of persecution many Christians go through. You are an example of living faith. We thank you for holding the frontline of faith and freedom for the rest of the world.”

Premium Times: Kidnapped Nigerian reverend released

A cleric, Biodun Ogunbekun, who was kidnapped on his farm at Kufi on the Olorunda-Aba road in Ibadan on Thursday has regained freedom after five days in the kidnappers’ den.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Mr. Ogunbekun, a reverend of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Akobo-Ojurin Diocese of Agodi, Ibadan, was kidnapped by five unknown gunmen.
But the Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Cathedral, Ibadan, Amos Ajiboye, on Wednesday told journalists that Mr. Ogunbekun was released on Tuesday.
He, however, did not give details of how he was released or how the kidnappers contacted the church and the priest’s family.
“We are grateful to God and all those that made it possible. We shall be making further statements in due time.
“He is resting after what he had gone through in the hands of his abductors,” he said.
It is not clear if a ransom was paid to secure the release of Mr. Ogunbekun.
A source, who pleaded anonymity, however, said the kidnappers demanded 10 million Naira from the family and the church before he would be released.

Punch: Corrupt Nigerians fighting me with stolen wealth, Buhari laments

President Muhammadu Buhari has lamented that some Nigerians who had corruptly enriched themselves in the past are currently using the stolen funds to wage war against his administration.

He said the situation has made his administration’s ongoing anti-corruption war “tough and grueling.”

According to a statement on Thursday by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, the President spoke on Thursday in a meeting he had with the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the margins of conference on climate change, COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco,
Although he said corruption was fighting vigorously back, the President assured Kerry that the anti-graft war would be won.

Buhari said corrupt people had accumulated a formidable arsenal of illicit wealth, which they were now deploying against the government on diverse fronts.

“But it is a war we are determined to win, and which we will win. People of goodwill are behind us, countries like America and many others are with us, and we will surely win,” he said.

Premium Times: Police vow to arrest killers of seven-year-old boy

The police in Lagos have commenced investigations into the killing of a seven-year-old boy who was reportedly set ablaze in Badagry for allegedly stealing cassava flour, popularly known as garri.
The Lagos police spokesperson, Dolapo Badmus, disclosed this to PREMIUM TIMES through an SMS.
“The Commissioner of Police Lagos state has directed the Divisional Police Officers (DPO) in charge of that jurisdiction to investigate and brief the command if the crime in question actually happened.
“Nigerians can be rest assured that the perpetrators will be arrested and prosecuted,” she said.
Ms. Badmus said the police will not tolerate jungle justice in any part of the state.
News broke, Wednesday, on social media of how the boy was caught trying to steal garri from a shop in Badagry, a town on the outskirts of Lagos.
He was reportedly beaten, stoned, tied up and later set ablaze by the angry mob.
The death of the young boy has received nationwide condemnation since news of the incident brok

And $30b loan: Buhari blackmailing Saraki with corruption trial – Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has suggested that the presidency is blackmailing Senate President Bukola Saraki by exploiting his case at the Code of Conduct Tribunal to get approval of the legislature for the executive’s $29.960b loan bid.
President Muhammadu Buhari in October approached the National Assembly, seeking approval of the country’s 2016-2018 external borrowing (rolling) plan worth approximately $30b, the biggest in Nigeria’s history.
But the Senate rejected the request on the ground that the October 20 letter of Mr. Buhari seeking the approval was without detailed information about utilization, repayment plan and sourcing.
This was admitted by the presidency through Mr. Buhari’s assistant on the Senate, Ita Enang, who said the government would work with relevant agencies to collate the needed information and re-submit the request.
With the visits of Mr. Saraki to the State House thrice last week, there are strong indications the Presidency is re-engaging the National Assembly leadership to ensure approval of the loan request whenever it is re-submitted.
But Mr. Fayose, in a statement through his spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, on Wednesday, said Mr. Saraki should not buckle under pressure and should stand against the loan which, the governor said, amounts to ruining Nigeria.
Feelers getting to the public, Mr. Fayose claimed, suggest that the ongoing Code of Conduct Tribunal trial of Mr. Saraki is being used as blackmail to get him to back the $29.96b loan.
“Unfolding events in the last few days suggest a dangerous alliance between the presidency and the Senate President, Bukola Saraki to ensure the approval of the $29.96b loan at all cost,” said Mr. Fayose.
He said the $29.9b loan would do incalculable damage to the country’s ailing economy because of the amount presently being used by the federal government to service loan monthly.
“Therefore, Senator Saraki must not allow himself to be seen as using the future of Nigeria as negotiation for his own interests.
“He must know that no matter what he does to the Aso Villa Cabal to achieve their aims, it won’t change their minds concerning his travails.
“He should be reminded that despite that he assisted the Aso Villa Cabal to pass the controversial 2016 budget and cleared all the ministerial nominees, they never stopped plotting to bring him down.
“Instead of collaborating with the Aso Villa Cabal to plunge the present and future generations of Nigerians into the bondage of debt, Senator Saraki should pitch his tent with Nigerians, who are against the $29.96b loan and write his name in gold, like Senator Ken Nnamani did when he rejected Obasanjo’s third term agenda,” Mr. Fayose said.

Express (UK): Nigerian student JAILED after brave victim recorded him as he launched sex attack

Computer sciences student Peter Odukoya, 27, was convicted after a court heard audio of the woman pleading: “I don’t want this. I’m very drunk”.

Nigerian Odukoya had offered the 20-year-old a lift home with friends after a night out when she recognised him from university.

He dropped the other friends off first and then headed back to his flat with the drunken young woman.

But her “instincts kicked in” in the car and she turned on her phone’s recording app which recorded her saying: “Please, I have a boyfriend. I don’t want this. I’m very drunk.”

Peter Odukoya was jailed for one year and placed on the sex offenders register
Cardiff Crown Court heard how he sexually assaulted her after she slumped on his settee despite her pleas.

She managed to push him off and lock herself in his bathroom before ringing a friend to pick her up.

The girl later gave the disturbing recordings to police.

Harry Baker, prosecuting, told the court: “She was left humiliated. It affected her grades.

“She says it completely took her dignity away.”

Andrew Davies, defending, said Odukoya had been suspended from his computer sciences course after the sex assault.

He said he had brought “shame” to his family in Nigeria, who had saved up to send him to study in the UK.

Mr Davies said: “His father has completely disowned him and cut him off from his family, which will affect him for the rest of his life.”

Recorder of Cardiff, Judge Eleri Rees QC, told Odukoya: “This girl sat on your settee and without warning you pulled down her trousers and her knickers.

“She pleaded with you to stop. She was extremely distressed.

“You have showed no remorse. You said nothing of a sexual nature occurred which was undermined by the recordings.

“You took advantage of a young woman who was very vulnerable.”

Odukoya, a computer science student, of Treforest, Pontypridd, was jailed for year after being found guilty of sexual assault.

He will remain on the sex offenders register for 10 years and given a restraining order against his victim for five years.

Daily Post: Man abducts his friend’s 5-year-old son to sell in Abuja

A 42-year-old farmer accused of child trafficking was paraded on Wednesday by the Benue state Police Command.

The suspect, identified as Unogwu Agbese, was arrested after he abducted his friend’s five-year-old son, to sell off in Abuja.

Parading the suspect in Makurdi, the Command’s Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent Moses Yamu said: “The father of the abducted five-year-old, Emmanuel Edeh at Apa-Agila reported the case to the police.
“He had reported that his son was, last week, abducted by his friend from the village and taken to Abuja without his parents’ consent.
“However, he ran out of luck and was arrested and the child recovered from him unhurt.”

After much interrogation, Unogwu confessed that he abducted his friend’s son to sell but returned the boy to his parents after he could not find a buyer.

He said: “The boy is my friend’s son. I actually took him to Abuja to sell him, but I couldn’t find any buyer or anyone that could connect me to a buyer. So I brought him back to the village and his parents arrested me.”
Also, a 41-year-old man, Raphael Igye, who claimed to be a pastor, was arrested for alleged human trafficking.

Guardian: 7-year old boy not mobbed in Badagry, police says

The Nigerian Police has denied claims that a 7-year old boy was mobbed in Badagry area of Lagos for allegedly stealing garri.

Supposed images and videos of the alleged child-thief being lynched were circulated on social media on Wednesday. But Head of Complaint Response Unit (CRU) of the Nigerian Police, Abayomi Shogunle, said on Twitter that no such incident was recorded in Lagos State.

“Report from Lagos Commissioner of @PoliceNG indicates that NO BOY CHILD WAS MOBBED/BURNT in Badagry or any part of the State as circulated on social media,” Shogunle tweeted.

He, however, said a corpse of an adult male was recovered by the police at Orile in Lagos and that the corpse has been deposited at a morgue.

Reuters: Nigeria raises 39 billion naira from new bonds, far short of target

Nigeria issued 39 billion naira ($128.2m) in local currency bonds on Wednesday, far short of its original offer as the government, which is struggling to curb its borrowing costs, did not want to pay a higher coupon on the notes.

Africa’s largest economy had wanted to raise 95 billion naira from bonds maturing in five, 10 and 20 years time. But investors demanded higher yields for the notes so the government issued a lower amount, traders said.

Premium Times: Saraki blasts Fayose, others: Don’t trivialise “serious national issue”

A day after the Ekiti State Governor alleged that Senate President Bukola Saraki was being blackmailed by President Muhammadu Buhari on the proposed $30b loan, Mr. Saraki has responded.
The Senate President is a general response advised politicians not to trivialise a “serious national issue.”
PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mr. Fayose claimed that the president was using Mr. Saraki’s corruption trial at the Code of Conduct to blackmail the senate president into supporting the loan request by the executive.
The Ekiti Governor in a statement by his spokesperson on Wednesday advised Mr. Saraki and the Senate to remain firm and reject the loan request despite meetings between Mr. Buhari and the Mr. Saraki.
On Thursday, in his response, the senate president advised politicians to stop peddling speculations about his recent visits to the presidency.
The statement by Mr. Saraki’s Special Adviser, Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, in Abuja on Thursday said that politicians were linking the visits to President Muhammadu Buhari’s yet-to-be-approved $29.9b foreign loan request.
“In all his recent meetings with President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the issue of the proposed loan never came up for discussion,” the statement said.
It, therefore, said that the comments by some politicians on the loan issue, without any factual basis, were “unfortunate.”
“Like I once told the media, these politically-motivated commentaries are trivialising a serious national issue.
“They are presenting it as if it is a personal matter that can be decided at meetings between Saraki and Buhari.
“The National Assembly which I head as Senate President has taken a position on the issue as required of it by the laws of the land and legislative conventions,’’ the statement quoted Mr. Saraki as saying.
Mr. Saraki was also quoted as saying “the present National Assembly will make decisions based on national interest and will always act in the interest the people.
“That is why in spite of the fact that members belong to different parties, when national issues come to the floor, we forget about party affiliations and act as Nigerians elected to protect the interest of Nigeria.
“A visit to the Presidency by the Senate President is a normal thing because we need to consult, discuss, exchange ideas and make suggestions to each other from time to time.
“More importantly, at this time, when the nation is facing economic crisis, there is need for frequent engagements by the Presidency and the National Assembly.’’
The statement added that “Saraki, nonetheless, urged politicians to stop playing to the gallery or drawing political capital from all issues.
“Similarly, the media should exercise restraint in their reportage and commentaries in order to properly serve our people.”
The Senate had initially thrown out the foreign loan request, saying necessary documents on repayment, loan sources and so on where not attached. The presidency has pledged to attach relevant information and resubmit the loan request, which if approved, will be Nigeria’s largest even loan.

The News (Pakistan): Nigeria seeks Pakistan help in Haj software

The National Haj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has approached Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony for developing an information and communication technology (ICT) platform replica devised by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for Pakistan’s Haj operations, exercised during the recent Haj management, which was overall widely lauded by majority of the pilgrims.
According to a handout issued here (Pakistan) on Wednesday, PITB’s electronic Haj management system has improved the services for intending pilgrims and curtailed the delays. PITB’s input is extended at every step of Haj operations. During the recent past, eight banks with their 7,500 branches and respective 15,000 bank officials had been involved for online registration for 10 days through a centralised system of PITB connected with VPN without a single second down time and balloting in 45 minutes time on the completion of 10 days registration period, which earlier used to take three months. PITB’s Haj management system also includes flight scheduling and building allocations within a shortest span of two days.The Nigeria’s National Haj Commission has termed PITB’s Haj management system robust pilgrim-friendly ICT applications. NAHCON’s delegation twice visited Pakistan’s Haj Mission in Makkah for study of Haj operations this year. They have sought assistance on the software development and capacity training for Nigerian Haj Mission.

Premium Times: Nigerian lawmakers to meet Buhari over worsening security situation

The House of Representatives on Thursday said its leadership would meet with President Muhammadu Buhari over the ongoing violence in Southern Kaduna.
The lawmakers also lashed out at security agencies for failing to live up to their calling.
The House’s position followed a motion of urgent national importance raised by Simon Arabo, a lawmaker from Kauru Federal Constituency where renewed attacks reportedly killed no fewer than 100 people within the past week.
Mr. Arabo also requested that a national conference be convened by the parliament to address the lingering clashes in different parts of the country.
Following contributions from all lawmakers who unanimously backed Mr. Arabo, Speaker Yakubu Dogara ruled that the motion was approved.
Mr. Dogara also called on the security agencies to live up to their responsibility.
The House resolution came amid clashes between herdsmen and residents across Southern Kaduna.
On Wednesday, the Senate summoned the Inspector-General of Police to appear for questioning over the crisis. Governor Nasir El-Rufai paid a visit to the hostile settlements last week and sued for peace.

The Nation: SON warns against purchase of goods without warranty

SON warns against purchase of goods without warranty
The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has warned consumers against the purchase of goods without a warranty card and receipt.

The Osun State Coordinator of SON, Mr Sunday Badewole, gave the warning while addressing journalists on Thursday in Osogbo.

“Any good without a warranty, we classify them as substandard.

“A warranty means that a manufacturer or seller is giving his commitment to a particular product, that after sales he is still responsible for it for a certain period of time.

“But if the warranty is not there, who will be responsible for the product if it developed any fault?
“Warranty is a proof of quality and that is why we always encourage consumers to buy the product with a warranty,’’ Badewole said.

The SON coordinator also urged consumers to always get a receipt for every good they purchase, saying this would help them to trace the address of the seller in case there was a problem.

Badewole appealed to consumers not to buy goods in traffic, adding that such goods might be faked and without a traceable address.

“Consumers should be mindful of where they buy their goods. Anywhere a receipt will not be given after purchase, is not a place to go.

“Because when the problem comes consumers will not be able to trace them,’’ he said.

Badewole said that the organisation would not relent in its quest to eradicate substandard goods in the Nigerian markets.

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  • Nigeria is 3rd Most Terrorized Nation in the World – Report

  • Conjoined twins successfully separated after 18-hour operation

  • Saraki blasts Fayose, others: Don’t trivialise “serious national issue”

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  • Kogi women embrace family planning as economic hardship bites harder

  • Total makes $10b investments in Nigeria in five years

  • Corruption Fighting Back, Buhari Tells US Secretary of State

  • SON warns against purchase of goods without warranty

  • Salt intake can be deadly – Expert

  • Pdp, Cso Condemn Bumper Pension Packages For Oshiomhole, Ex-deputy

  • Court rules on Nnamdi Kanu, others’ bail applications December 1

  • Gbadamosi was a multi-talented economist – Saraki

  • Subeb Takes Over Payment Of Teachers’ Salary In Cross River

  • Kaduna Police gets new CP

  • I stand by Senate’s rejection of Buhari’s $30b loan – Saraki

  • Judge’s absence stalls trial of Lagos lawyer, Adegboruwa

  • Osinbajo, governors in closed-door meeting

  • Support ‘Change Begins With Me’ – Lai Mohammed begs governors

  • Trump to meet more candidates for top White House positions

  • 2.2 billion fraud: Arraignment of Supreme Court registrar, others, stalled

  • Bus driver, conductor abduct eight Ogun school children

  • Senate confirms Olabiyi Durajaiye, others as NCC chairman, commissioners

  • Nigerian Prisons put people at risk, channels sewage into pubic drainage

  • House of Reps to meet Buhari over unabated Killings in Southern Kaduna

  • Total makes $10b investments in Nigeria in 5 years

  • Nigeria: 40 Percent of Adult Nigerians Have Sleep Problem

  • IMSU student plots own kidnap, demands six million Naira from ‘stingy’ father

  • I didn’t know he was my namesake, so I broke into his house – Suspected phone thief

  • Over 14.8 million IDPs need assistance – UN

  • It is Dangerous for a Muslim to marry one Wife – Sheik Muyideen Bello

  • JUST-IN: Cleric Kidnapped Along Kaduna-Jos Road

  • $29.9b Loan: Saraki advises politicians, media against speculations

  • 3 In Court For Allegedly Stealing a Goat

  • Corrupt Nigerians Derailing Anti-Corruption fight – Buhari

  • EFCC urges journalists to lead fight against corruption

  • Eight Shiite Muslims martyred by Nigerian forces laid to rest

  • Nigeria sells 120 billion naira in treasury bills, yields mixed

  • Nigeria: Govt Promises Easy Access to Essential Drugs

  • UN seeks answers on eviction of 30,000 people in Nigeria

  • Osinbajo, governors meeting in Aso rock

  • Senate passes National Poverty Eradication Commission Bill into law

  • Lai Mohammed begs governors to support ‘Change Begins With Me,’ says programme not political

  • SERAP asks Gov. Obaseki to immediate withdraw 300 million Naira pension for Oshiomhole, deputy

  • 2017 budget: Obaseki’s team to meet lawmakers

  • Nigeria: Nigeria At Risk of Zika Virus

  • Kaduna gets new Police Commissioner

  • Lagos Airport Gets Three Conveyor Belts

  • Nigerian man, wife docked for duping American company

  • APC spokesperson attacks El-Rufai: You are an ingrate, perpetual betrayer

  • Aramex expresses optimism in Nigeria’s economy

  • [Nigeria] Heritage Bank not in distress – CBN

  • Savannah Petroleum PLC signs ‘extremely significant’ deal for Nigeria exploration

  • 61 million Naira Scam: Absences Of Judge Stalls Adegboruwa’s Trial

  • Lagos couple in EFCC net over 120 million Naira fraud

  • Man accused of causing death of lover granted 300,000 bail in Lagos

  • Man demands 200,000 compensation from divorced wife, says he only enjoyed her for 2 week

  • 1.8 million Nigerians Internally Displaced In North-East – UNHCR

  • Governor Bello has destroyed Kogi State University – Group

  • Nigeria Air Force Institute of Technology passed into law

  • Nigeria: Owerri Risks Cholera Outbreak, As Prisons Channel Sewage Into Public Drainage

  • Contempt: Court orders Ekiti Speaker to appear November 24

  • Dasuki: Nigeria has lost a national icon – Tinubu

  • EU Lifts Another Three-Year Ban On Beans Exportation

  • Academy Declares GMOs Beneficial for Consumption

  • National Survey Shows Declining Malaria Rates Among Children

  • We’ll defeat corruption fighting back – Buhari

  • Nigeria: Three Die in Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Tanker Explosion , Multiple Crashes

  • Federation Account – Govt Recovers 4.2 Billion Naira From Collecting Banks

  • Christian Peer And US Bishop Narrowly Escape Ambush By Islamist Gunmen In Nigeria One Million Amputations Occur in People With Diabetes Yearly

  • Boko Haram remnants are foreigners, says Buratai

  • FG to Spend 56.3 Billion Naira On Rural Electrification

  • FEC Approves Bilateral Agreement On Taxation With Singapore

  • $29.96b loan: National Assembly’s position stands, says Saraki

  • $30bn loan request not part of my discussion with Buhari, Osinbajo – Saraki

  • Saraki To Politicians And Media: Stop Peddling Empty Speculations

  • COP22: Saudi Arabia is committed to climate action, says energy minister

  • We’re determined to win war against corruption — Buhari

  • Shun those pushing for violence, Govt advises Southern Kaduna residents

  • Nigeria: Arik Alerts On Fresh Aviation Fuel Scarcity

  • Fashola Questions Nigeria’s Economic Growth Under Jonathan

  • Fight Against Mosquito in Nasarawa Community

  • How we used charms to defraud victims on the internet – ‘Yahoo yahoo’ boys nabbed in Ibadan

  • Kidnapped Ibadan Methodist priest regains freedom

  • Wike Bans Vigilante Groups In Rivers State

  • MMM: CBN denies approving scheme

  • Langtang Clinic Records 1,500 Snake Bites in 10 Months

  • Nigeria: ASUU Strike Grounds Activities At Varsities

  • Kidnapped Ibadan Cleric Regains Freedom

  • 63 million Nigerians use internet, country number 1 in Africa – Digitalfacts

  • Nigeria raises 39 billion naira from new bonds, far short of target

  • ASUU strike continues despite Senate intervention

  • $30b loan: Buhari blackmailing Saraki with corruption trial – Fayose

  • Corruption is fighting back, says Buhari

  • We’ll Mobilise All Prospective Corps Members – NYSC DG

  • SNEPCo donates modern test laboratory to Nigerian Institute of Welding

  • Kidnapped Nigerian reverend released

  • “Corruption is fighting back vigorously,” Buhari says

  • Man abducts his friend’s 5-year-old son to sell in Abuja

  • Presidency Accuses Jonathan’s Administration Of Awarding Ghost Projects

  • Why I joined APC – Orji Kalu

  • Buhari mourns ex-minister, Gbadamosi

  • Corrupt Nigerians fighting me with stolen wealth, Buhari laments

  • Asian markets fluctuate as dealers assess Trump

  • ICPC Opens Case Against NIHSA Ex-DG For Mismanagement Of 603 million Naira

  • We are getting offers from foreign, local organizations to join in destabilising Nigeria

  • Police vow to arrest killers of seven-year-old boy

  • Group condemns mob killing of boy who allegedly stole in Lagos

  • Nigeria: Ambode – Lagos Key to Economic Reconstruction of Nigeria

  • Shi’ites/Police Clash: Tears as 8-month-old killed by stray bullet is buried

  • Nigerian Student Jailed After Brave Victim Recorded Him As He Launched Sex Attack

  • Singapore set to execute Chijioke Obioha for drug possession

  • Discord In Nigeria Is A Blessing For Long Oil Investors

  • My Husband never told me he had a wife and six Children before marrying me

  • 66 Nigeria Police Officers Graduate from U.S. Fingerprint Training

  • Buhari And The Child That Was Set Ablaze

  • Church in Nigeria to launch TV channel

  • After abuse while young, UN albinism expert aims to end ritual murders

  • We will ensure Dangote cement (Ghana) plays fairly – Mahama

  • Recession – SEC Hires Specialists for Risk Management, Rolls Out 10 year Masterplan

  • More Africans believe their conditions have worsened, but are optimistic for the future

  • Two Nigerian bankers sentenced to jail term

  • Ondo election: Akeredolu, Oke in war of words

  • Savannah Petroleum inks partnership with NNDC and NNPC for Nigeria exploration

  • Boko Haram attacks Borno communities, kills 22 villagers

  • Cattle rustlers raid Niger community, kill six

  • Wike’s commission of inquiry indicts Amaechi’s allies, Army for murder

  • $29.96b loan: Saraki must not join FG to ruin Nigeria

  • Jonathan a role model for African leaders – Raila Odinga

  • Niger Delta militants ignoring our calls for dialogue – Presidency

  • Housewife Beaten to Coma for Investing in MMM

  • APC denies executive, legislative rift over ambassadorial list rejection

  • Senate begins process of converting YabaTech, Kaduna Poly to varsities

  • I Would have ended Boko Haram Insurgency – Atiku

  • Nigeria: ‘Oil Producing States’ll Support Made to End Poverty in Niger Delta’

  • NYSC confirms 2016 Batch B Stream II will commence orientation in January 2017

  • Don’t support FG on $29.96b loan, Fayose cautions Saraki

  • Stakeholders propose bill on driving regulation

  • Police outlaw Ayade’s green cadets, threaten arrest

  • Rivers government to prosecute two APC chieftains for alleged murder

  • Christian clerics fault El-Rufai’s plan to rebuild worship centres with 100 million Naira

  • Three burnt to death in Lagos Ibadan Highway crash

  • Enugu police to unravel cause of couple’s death

  • Man allegedly kills step daughter for rituals in Ogun

  • Two- month-old baby, parents remanded for alleged murder

  • Dollar scarcity, key challenge to Nigerian companies – Moody’s

  • You’re not a progressive, APC slams Oke

  • Election exposed deep divisions in US, says Clinton

  • Pdp Crisis: Sheriff, Makarfi Renew Hostilities

  • BlackBerry users get seven months WhatsApp lifeline

  • Man found dead after killing wife in Enugu

  • Trump will confront those with hidden agenda to Islamise Nigeria, Fani-Kayode

  • Another officer dies, eight injured after Boko Haram ambush Nigerian soldiers

  • PWC boss wants chess included in secondary school curriculum

  • Allow Fed Govt-PANDEF peace process work, Boroh advises Niger Delta youths

  • Ekiti GSM Market closed indefinitely

  • FIFA World Cup: Algeria defeat marks Nigeria’s 100th win, says CAF

  • 27,500 Nigerians, Eritreans, others arrive Italy illegally in October

  • Stakeholders seek alliance with dairy farmers to boost output

  • ‘Steel industry capable of revamping economy if properly harnessed’

  • Edo lawmaker tasks Obaseki on development, others

  • Court admits Metuh’s evidence of payments for campaign adverts

  • FRSC proposes 31 billion Naira for 2017, to recruit with 6 billion

  • NUC accredits Sasakawa programme for varsities

  • Why we are giving free food, by government

  • Dasuki‘ll be remembered for his tolerance, says Tinubu

  • Police to youths: No permission, no Christmas carnival

  • Why NYSC can’t mobilise all corps members for 2016, by D-G

  • Dickson: Fayose’s ‘role’ has deepened democracy

  • LCCI tasks government on agric value chain growth

  • Ngige raises technical team on expansion of employees scheme to informal sector

  • National Assembly begins work on Buhari’s 180 billion Naira virement

  • Varsity students groan as teachers begin warning strike

  • Government buys more fighter jets to tackle terrorism

  • Government should be sincere, engaging to end strikes in varsities, says ASUU

  • ASUU shuns Senate’s call to end strike

  • Jonathan govt awarded ghost projects, says Presidency

  • EFCC re-arraigns senior lawyer Ricky Tarfa for alleged bribery

  • FUTA alumni asks government to focus on development of human resources

  • Arrest of Judges: Judiciary is not a corrupt institution – Justice Adebajo (retired)

  • Panel indicts firms, contractor in Kano varsity building collaps

  • Cattle rustlers kill six in Niger, steal 700 cows

  • Jonathan renewed hope for Africa’s democracy, says ex-Kenyan leader