Copy of Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Writes Buhari ◉ From the Bench to the Dock, Supreme Court Justice charged ◉ 1.61 million youths struggle to fill govt’s 10,500 vacancies; unemployment jumps ◉ 3rd most populous country; Nigeria is breeding into accelerating poverty ◉ 30 shot dead in the North ◉ 2 arrested for attempting suicide ◉ Nigeria: population hits 182 million, over 40% under 14


Islamic Human Rights Commission’s (IHRC) Letter to Buhari
From the Bench to the Dock, Supreme Court Justice charged
1.61 million youths struggle to fill govt’s 10,500 vacancies; unemployment on upswing
3rd most populous country; Nigeria is breeding into accelerating poverty
30 shot dead in the North
2 arrested for attempting suicide
Nigeria: population hits 182 million, over 40% under 14

Today’s News Headlines from Nigerian Newspapers

From The Punch, FG charges Supreme Court Justice with money laundering, age falsification

The Federal Government, on Tuesday, preferred six counts, including money laundering against a Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, at the Federal High Court in Abuja.
He was accused of retaining in his residence 35,358,000 Naira; $319,596 and £25,915 during the raid on his house by the operatives of the Department of State Services between October 7 and 8.
The office of the Attorney General of the Federation, which filed the charges on Tuesday, described the sums of money “as proceeds of unlawful activity”.

IHRC writes Buhari

Dear President Buhari,
The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is writing to you to ensure the protection of worshippers planning to embark on the annual 40th day commemorations of Ashura later this month.
IHRC has received credible reports that the military has laid plans to sabotage Arbaeen processions (as they are known) and inflict violence on the participants, their personal abodes and places of worship.
This includes attacking processions, burning homes and business premises of the participants while they are away, and hiring thugs to assault mourners as they make their way to the processions.
IHRC has learned that some hospitals have been instructed not to take victims of the planned violence. A hit list of prominent members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has also been drawn up apparently to be targeted for assassination.
These highly disturbing reports should be as worrying for you as they are for everyone planning to take part in these peaceful religious events. As you know there is a bloody history of violence against supporters of the IMN who will be participating in these events. We are sure you do not need reminding of the massacre of December 2015 when over 1000 people, mainly IMN members and supporters, were killed in an unprovoked pre-planned attack by the armed forces.
In that attack IMN symbols, buildings, graves and leading figures were targeted. Individuals were subjected to sexual violence, many were shot, burnt alive, or hacked to death by the Army. Leading members of the movement were shot and imprisoned without charge. The leader of the IMN, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky remains imprisoned to this day without charge, in flagrant violation of domestic and international law.
We would like to remind you that in the five years since the Arbaeen processions started the participants have never once resorted to violence. Even when last year Boko Haram targeted mourners with a bomb in Kano that resulted in the deaths of 32 people the participants refused to be provoked.
These reports of potential sabotage must be seen in the context of the wider campaign of persecution of the IMN by the Nigerian authorities which seeks to prevent the movement and its supporters from exercising their rights to freedom of worship, movement, association and expression.
IHRC calls on you to do your utmost to rein in the military and anyone else involved in these nefarious plans, uphold the rights of the participants and ensure their total protection. Having apprised you of the situation we will hold you personally responsible for any harm that may be inflicted on the persons and properties of Arbaeen mourners.

Yours sincerely,

Massoud Shadjareh

And from the Daily Post, Avengers blow up Forcados pipeline

The Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, on Wednesday announced that it has blown up another Trans Forcados Export Pipeline in the creeks of Warri South West Council Area of Delta State.
The attack occurred 10:45pm on Tuesday night.
Avengers spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, confirmed the attack via its Twitter handle.
The tweets read, “Today at 10:45pm our elite strike team (strike team 6) has blown up the Forcados Export Pipeline. This action is to further stress that we don’t appreciate the repairs of blown pipelines.”
Recall that Operations Delta Safe around Batan community repelled them from carrying out a similar attack on another pipeline that fields the Forcados Export Terminal operated by Shell/ Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) with crude on Tuesday.

Unemployment rises, government fails to create one million jobs in 2016

• 1.61m struggle to fill 10,500 vacancies
• Senate seeks emergency declaration on joblessness
• Summons labour, productivity minister
As the number of the unemployed in the country continues to rise due to downsizing in the productive and services’ sectors, the Federal Government may find it difficult to meet its target of creating one million jobs by the end of the year.
Latest indicators have shown that more Nigerians now seek jobs that hitherto never appealed to them just to meet their daily needs. Only 200,000 graduates have been shortlisted out of the 749,000 applications received under the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programme, N-Power, which seeks to address unemployment challenges in the country by offering temporary jobs and technical skills to graduates.
Similarly, statistics show that 1,611,438 people applied to fill about 10,500 vacant positions in two government agencies–the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Nigeria Police. Specifically, 700,000 applicants sought to fill 500 job openings at the FIRS while 911,438 applications were received by the Police Service Commission for 10,000 vacancies .
Although the number of applicants for the latest recruitment by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) into 11 key ministries is yet to be released, investigations byThe Guardian showed that the portal for the online application has become unresponsive due to the number of site visits and potential applications.
The FCSC recently extended application into the civil service to November 13 according to a notice on its official website. The application was billed to end October 31.
The Federal Government had last year’s December promised to create no fewer than one million direct jobs in 2016.
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, said another one million poor Nigerians would benefit from the first phase of the Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme.
However, latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that subsistence and small-holder farmers are on the rise, with over four million Nigerians losing their jobs since 2015, as many have also opted for additional jobs in the informal sector to augment their means of livelihood.
Also, the data stated that a single income may no longer be enough for a family, prompting previously out-of-work housewives to seek employment to support strained income.
Indeed, the statistics reinforced the findings of the latest ‘Household Economy Survey’ by Philips Consulting that the prevailing economic situation in the country had resulted in detrimental effects on the economic security of most citizens and households.
Specifically, the severe drop in crude oil prices, decline in government revenue, devaluation of the naira and surging inflation rates, in addition to the country’s high poverty (70 per cent) and unemployment (13.3 per cent) rates have had a detrimental effect on the economic security of most Nigerians.
The NBS report further showed that many employees have had to contend with lesser incomes while newly employed workers have to cope with jobs not commensurate with their qualifications, just as the government continues to urge many employers of labour not to downsize.
According to the report, the number of under-employed people increased by 392,390 or 2.61 per cent, resulting in increase in the under-employment rate to 19.3 per cent (15. 4million persons) in second quarter of 2016 from 18.3 per cent (13.5 million persons) in the corresponding period of last year.
The situation has become so worrisome that the Senate yesterday urged the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency on unemployment with a view to confronting the challenge .
The upper chamber also summoned the Minister of Labour and Productivity to provide insight into government’s roadmap for tackling the shocking unemployment rate with a view to reinforcing the blueprint.
Adopting the motion sponsored by Duro Faseyi (PDP, Ekiti North) titled “Intolerable Upswing of Unemployment in Nigeria”, the Senate directed the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) particularly the security outfits to enlist more Nigerian youths as a measure towards enhancing security around the country and ease unemployment.
The Senate resolved to organise a retreat to look into the unemployment issue in the country.

From Leadership Newspaper, Trump Becomes 45th US President, Delivers Victory Speech

Republican presidential candidate, Mr Donald Trump, with his campaign slogan, ‘Lets Make America Great Agian,’ surprised Americans by emerging winner of the US tight presidential elections, when he began gaining grounds early hours of Wednesday morning on the key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Trump has gone beyond expectations and has won the election as the president elect with running mate, Mike Pence as Vice President elect.
Clinton began to lose after the Republican picked up a series of states early on and maintained his momentum, even shocking many by unexpectedly clinching Florida.
Mr Trump’s success in Florida was backed up by wins in the key states of Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
Clinton managed to win the states of Virginia and Colorado, but it was obvious she needed to take Michigan, Nevada, Iowa and Pennsylvania to have any chance.
Hillary Clinton has called Trump to congratulate him on his victory.
Reports state that Hillary Clinton had the support of far more celebrities than Donald Trump did during the race for the White House.
According to media reports, several famous faces, including Miley Cyrus and Whoopi Goldberg hinted they would even move to Canada if Mr Trump won the election.
Trump stated at his victory speech that “I would be president for all Americans.”
Clinton previously, won 16 states and DC, Trump wins 22 states.
At the early hours of the morning, Trump won Florida and Georgia, leading at 232 to Clintons 209. It was at that time that certainty came into play that Trump was most likely be the 45th President of the United States.
And things became more obvious later when Trump won Utah.
He had an edge in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvannia, while Hillary won Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota.
Trump eventually gained grounds with 244 collegiate votes to Clinton’s 215. It was obvious then that she had to win all the remaining states to be back in the lead, but that became unlikely, as Trump maintained leadership of the votes to become President. His honesty during his victory speech has shocked many, as he speaks of mending division in the country to unify it instead, as he asked for guidance even from those who had not voted him in and had not been in support of his candidacy.
Republicans are also said to have majority of seats in Congress.

NSE capitalisation drops by 180 billion Naira in one day
the capitalisation of the Nigerian Stock Exchange fell by 180 billion Naira at the close of trading on the floor of the Exchange on Tuesday.

The NSE capitalisation closed at N9.075tn from N9.255tn recorded on Monday, while the All-Share Index dropped to 26,364.27 basis points from 26,887.54 basis points.
A total of 189.009 million shares worth N1.6bn were traded in 3,434 deals.
The NSE ASI plunged to a fresh five-month low, recording its largest daily loss since Q3, following renewed pressure on cement stocks. The uncertainty of the United States Presidential election continued to shape global markets with indices trending in varying directions.

From ThisDay, Abdulmumin: I Did Not Flee Nigeria
The former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Jibrin Abdulmumin, has said he did not flee from Nigeria for fear of arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
In a statement issued yesterday, Abdulmumin said the travelled to London to receive an anti-corruption award.
Abdulmumin, following his removal as Chairman of Appropriation Committee, had accused the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara and some principal officers of corruption, fraud and abuse of the 2016 budgetary process.
The lawmaker who was suspended by his colleagues for 180 legislative sitting days for misconduct and abuse of privileges, said the reports that he fled Nigeria were orchestrated by corrupt House members who are aggrieved by his allegations against them.
“The fact of the matter is that I travelled out of the country freely like every responsible citizen and through the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport Abuja on November 4, 2016,” he said in the statement.
He added that his trip is also related to series of lectures where he would deliver papers on corruption in the Nigerian legislature and the reforms that must be implemented in the House of Representatives.
“I have stated repeatedly that I have engaged the security and anti corruption agencies severally over the petitions I submitted and provided them with evidential documents and vital clues and we have constantly kept in tough. I have also pledged to stand as witness against the Speaker and others. I have nothing to fear. If for any reason my attention is needed, I will make myself available,” he added.
Abdulmumin reiterated his statement that his life was being threatened.
“It is against this background that I took the decision to stay away from the country until my safety is guaranteed. However ever, I will be available once my attention is required in respect of my petition against the Speaker and others or any petition that may come against me,” he added.

From The National Mirror,
‘Nigeria’s projection as 3rd most populous nation by 2050 dangerous’

Nigeria’s projected rise as the world’s 3rd most populous nation could be a disaster if the current issues affecting the nation’s demography are not addressed, experts warned on Tuesday.
The population experts believe huge demography of the nation is a blessing if its potentials are adequately harnessed for development. They also believe if uncontrolled births, massive unemployment, poor health and education, crimes among other ills persist, the nation may head for the rocks with its projection as one of the three nations with highest population, worldwide.
Addressing a gathering of health and population experts at the 4th National Family Planning Conference in Abuja, Chairman, Foundation for Development and Environmental Initiative, Prof Akin Mabogunje, said: “If we continue on our present mindless trajectory of population growth, the way forward is clear. It is the way to deepening poverty and irredeemable immiseration for the masses of this country. A country that is obsessed with just the number of its population can discover that it is simply breeding and breeding into accelerating poverty.
“This is why countries that are serious about dramatically raising the level of their development had to intervene policy-wise and practically in determining the acceptable level of the fertility of their women folk, limiting it as in the case of China until recently, to not more than one child per woman through her child-bearing.
In his remark at the lecture for the event, which was organised by the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, PPFN, National Population Commission Chairman, Eze Duruiheoma (SAN) said: “With an annual growth rate of 3.2 percent, the basic question is whether we have the capacity to manage the population effectively and cope with the negative consequences of rapid population growth.
“We are in 2016, and 2050 is some 34 years and Nigeria is expected to be the 3rd largest population in the world moving from its present 8th position. This movement upward in the global demographic ladder is a very huge challenge, and all hands must be on deck to ensure that we adopt the right attitudes and take bold decisions that will ensure that the quality of lives of Nigerians is not comprised b this high population growth rate.
“Though 2050 is still far, but the right time to act is now, and today’s actions will have great implications for the future and the welfare of the future generations. We must ensure that the fertility rate is reduced through expansion of access to reproductive health services and information. We must also work consciously towards improving the maternal and child health situation and ensure that the right of the girl child to live a meaning life is enhanced.”
The experts want increase in the uptake of family planning as one of the way to manage the nation’s population, even as they called on government to expedite actions in programmes that would improve the quality of lives of people in the country.
Delivering the lecture, the Minister of Environment, Mrs Amina Mohammed, pledged government’s commitment to exploring the potentials of the nation’s demographic for national growth. She attributed rampant crimes and other ills in the country to unemployment, illiteracy and other problems facing the nation.
Meanwhile, the Federal Government is targeting 500 percent use of family planning commodities in the country in the next few years, Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, said at the event.
This is even as he announced an increase in government’s annual contribution to family planning commodities in the country to $4million from the current $3m, next year.
He urged that stakeholders should prioritise adoption of family planning by couples, as according to him, the programme is capable of substantially reducing high rate of maternal deaths in the country.
He also pledged government’s commitment to increasing investments in public health programmes in the country, adding that doing so would help reduce both poverty and deaths.
The minister also launched the ‘Christian Perspective on Maternal health’ and promised that government would support the review of the Islamic version of the document, with the aim to further enlighten the public on the gains of family planning.

From Trend News Agency, Gunmen kill 30 gold miners in northern Nigeria: police

Gunmen have killed more than 30 gold miners in a remote area of northern Nigeria, police said on Tuesday, Reuters reported.
The attackers raided a camp of artisan miners late on Monday in the Maru area in the northwestern state of Zamfara, police spokesman Muhammed Shehu said.
The gunmen stole nothing, he said, adding that the motive for the attack was unclear.
In March gunmen attacked a camp in the same state, killing one miner in what a police official described as possible conflict between miners.
Nigeria has been trying to attract investment in its nascent mining sector but insecurity and a lack of data has dampened appetite of foreign firms.

From The Nation, Some individuals behind fresh Boko Haram attacks –Buratai
US group, Army assess insurgents’ threats to Nigeria

Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, has attributed fresh, high profile attacks by Boko Haram in the North East to the support of “some individuals.”
Buratai said this at the sideline of a meeting with a security delegation from the Atlantic Council, African Centre in the United States of America.
“We have some elements, who are within this society who are still supporting them clandestinely. So the support of every Nigerian is very key to the end of this terrorism.”
He noted that the role of the Nigerian Army in prosecuting the counter-terrorism crusade in the North East has been misinterpreted by some people.
“There have been many misgivings on the role of the army as it relates to rights abuses, rules of engagement (as well as) treatment of civilians and Internally Displaced Persons IDPs. Hence, the need to conduct an assessment of the threats of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria with emphasis on roles of (the) army, which has become imperative,” he said.
Leader of the security delegation, John Peter-Pham emphasised need to cut the financial lifeline of terrorists.

And The defence headquarters said troops battling on 16 fronts

THE Armed Forces are engaged in 16 operations in defence of the nation’s territorial integrity, Director of Defence Information Brig. Gen. Rabe Abubakar has said yesterday.
Gen. Abubakar stated this at an interactive forum with members of the Borno Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Maiduguri.
He said some of the operations were being carried out jointly with other security agencies while others were conducted by the Armed Forces .
Gen. Abubakar named some of the operations as including Operation Lafiya Dole; Operation Safe Corridor and Operation Delta Safe.
“We equally have Operation Sharan Daji to take care of Cattle Rustlers,” he added.
He said the military was working on plans to introduce another operation to tackle the problem of farmers/herdsmen clashes.
“Once it is in place, the menace of farmers/ rearers clash will be a thing of the past in the country,” Abubakar said.
He added that the military was also engaged in other functions aimed at securing the country.
“We are also involved in other numerous activities aimed at safeguarding the country,” Abubakar said.
He, however, lamented that in spite of these efforts, some Nigerians were bent on pulling down the military.
He said his visit was part of efforts aimed at solidifying relationship between the military and the media.
He expressed the need for a synergy between the military and the media.
He advised the media to be more patriotic in its reportage of military operations to secure the country.

Two Arrested for Attempting to Commit Suicide in Niger State

The police in Minna, Niger State, have arrested two people for attempting to commit suicide.
ThisDay learnt that the arrests were made at “different locations” in the state as the duo tried to take their lives.
One of the suspects, according to the findings, took some poisonous substance that was capable of terminating his life but luck ran out for him as the poison was not as effective as he thought.
The second, it was gathered, also tried to hang himself but before he could give up the ghost, he was discovered and rescued.

From Reuters, Nigerian naira recovers losses after briefly touching new low

Nigeria’s naira fell briefly to a new low against the dollar on the official market on Tuesday but rebounded after the central bank pumped $1.5 million into the market to stabilise the battered currency, traders said.
The currency weakened to a record low of 375.50 to the dollar at 10:14 GMT, according to Thomson Reuters data. The central bank later sold around $1.5m to some commercial lenders, helping the naira to close at the previous day’s rate of 305, traders said.
The naira had briefly touched a rate of 365 on August 18 but quickly reversed its losses to close at 324 per dollar at the official window.
An official at trading platform FMDQ confirmed a single trade worth $10,000 had been made at a rate of 376.63 early on Tuesday but gave no further details.
The central bank said in June it would float the naira but has since kept it stable at around 305 versus the dollar via daily interventions.
Liquidity on the official market remains limited and dealers said importers seeking dollars need to go to the black market, where the local currency traded at 465 on Tuesday, slightly up from 470 a dollar previously.

From Bloomberg, Nigeria Population at 182 Million, With Widening Youth Bulge
Younger population increases demands on schools, clinics

Government to soon decide the date for a new national census
Nigeria’s population reached 182 million this year with more than half its people under 30 years of age, putting a severe strain on a nation suffering from a slowing economy and declining revenue to provide enough schools and health facilities.
The latest estimate is based on the population of 140 million recorded in the last census a decade ago, using an annual growth rate of 3.5 percent weighed against other variables such as rising life expectancy and a declining infant mortality rate, Ghaji Bello, director general of the National Population Commission, said in an interview Monday in the capital, Abuja.
Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is witnessing a growing youth bulge, with those under 14 years accounting for more than 40 percent of its citizens, he said. This is happening at a time when the International Monetary Fund has forecast the West African nation’s gross domestic product will shrink 1.7 percent this year, the first full-year contraction in more than two decades.
“The implication is that they’re assets, they’re are the future of your country, but they are also liabilities,” Bello said. “We need to know how to plan for their transition from youths to the next category. It has implications for education, health and security, particularly in our environment where you have a lot of unemployment.”
Census Delayed
Plans to hold a census this year were delayed by the election of a new government in 2015 and a plunge in state revenue due to low prices for crude, the country’s main export, and slashed output caused by militant attacks in the southern oil region, according to Bello.
“We’re hopeful the government will soon make a statement for the next exercise,” he said.
To ensure an accurate figure when it does take place, the commission plans to obtain the biometric data of citizens counted to curtail the temptation to inflate numbers by states and municipalities in a bid to attract more social benefits and services based on larger numbers.
During the last census, the northern state of Kano registered a higher population figure than Lagos in the south, which includes the commercial capital that’s a major destination of urban migration in the country.
“It’s our mandate to produce figures that are accurate and credible,” Bello said. “If we do that successfully, we’ll be able to lay to rest some of these issues.”
The agency is making efforts to improve birth and death registration records to enable more accurate adjustments of population figures between census years, according to Bello. Only 40 percent of births and 10 percent of deaths are currently registered in Nigeria, he said.

From ThisDAY, Former Lecturer Arraigned for Alleged Incitement

Justice Bilkisu Mohammed of Kaduna State High Court has adjourned the case of public incitement against a former lecturer of the Kaduna State University (KASU), Dr John Danfulani, to November 25 for hearing.
The state government brought Danfulani before the court for allegedly making inciting comments on his Facebook page.
The matter was initially at a chief magistrate court before it was transferred to the state high court for lack of jurisdiction.
While adjourning the case, Judge asked the prosecution to produce all witnesses on the next adjourned date in order to commence hearing on the matter which was filed on August 29, 2016.

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Aregbesola Funding Oke Governorship Bid With Osun Funds – PDP
Dudafa’s sickness stalls 5.1 billion Naira fraud trial
‘APC Ready For Ondo Election’
Naira crashes to all-time low of 375 to dollar
Dangote Refinery begins operation in 2018
Senate to amend NTDC, NICO Acts
Pensioners at war in Cross River
CBN Releases Consumer Protection Framework for Financial Institutions
House Recommends Posthumous Promotions for Slain Officer, Soldiers
FG Orders DGs to Fly Economy
Buhari Orders Security Agencies to Ensure Violence-free Polls in Ondo, Rivers
Fayose Visits Fani-Kayode in EFCC Custody
Governors Demand Release of Ecological Funds
Dasukigate: EFCC seals off Governor Umahi’s properties
Nigeria and the 2015 Child Labour Report
IPMAN’s factional president get court order over alleged contempt suit
NDLEA intercepts 214,732kg of cocaine
Rivers: INEC Disowns Fake Election Result
House Committee Queries Water Resources Officials over 30 million Naira Counterpart Funding, 20 million Naira IGR
I didn’t give Justice Ajumogobia 5 million Naira bribe – Obla
Senate laments ban on beans importation
NFF drums support for Eagles, urges fans to wear green and white
SDP pledges to employ 100,000 youths in one year
Ondo: Oke alleges plot to stop him through EFCC
Ondo: Appeal Court decides Jegede, Ibrahim’s fate tomorrow
Late Literary Icon, Elechi Amadi, for Burial December 3
Bribery: Appeal Court Hears Rickey Tarfa’s Appeal January 19
6.8 billion Naira Fraud: NAMA Boss, Five Others Get New Trial Date
Biafra: FG re-arraigns Kanu, others over terrorism charges
Policeman kills colleague over 20,000 Naira bribe
Some individuals behind fresh Boko Haram attacks – Buratai
Panic, shock as Air Force conducts mock terrror attack in Lagos
Rivers rerun: Protesters storm INEC office, demand chairman, Zakari’s resignation
Dickson floors Sylva at Supreme Court
Biafra: Kanu, Three Others Rearraigned before Third Judge
EFCC Unlawfully Detaining Me, Ex-Jonathan’s Aide Cries out
Nigeria’s Teaching Methods Obsolete, Says Osinbajo
Air Force Gears to Prevent Terrorist Attacks at Airports
Ondo Poll: IPAC Flays Imposition of Candidates by National Officers
Ondo PDP crisis: Appeal panel gives verdict on Thursday
Senate probes alleged 12.4 billion Naira contract scam in CCB
Assaults on Judiciary: Coalition Writes NBA, Judiciary to Prosecute Ibrahim, Poroye
Defence Minister Laments Late Release of Funds
Judgegate: FG files 9-count charge against Ngwuta
Share ecological fund now, governors tell Buhari
‘The Biafran spirit is the Igbo spirit of enterprise, hard work and excellence
Ghana, Zambia to adopt Nigeria’s BVN scheme
‘Senate’s proposed legislation to make or mar e-commerce’
Contributory pension scheme enrollees hit 7.2 million
Kebbi Farmers Laud FG’s Agric Policy
FG urged to reverse release of suspected Kano religious killers
Don’t succumb to pressure on petrol price hike, NUPENG tells govt
Agbahime: Yet another senseless killing of Igbo — Uwazuruike
As Nigerian sex trafficking rises, Italy tracks crime kingpins
‘Nigeria’s projection as 3rd most populous nation by 2050 dangerous’
Octogenarian, 3 others to die by hanging for murder
FG re-arraigns Kanu, 3 others for treasonable offences
Three in court over 75-yr-old man’s killing
Osun 2018: APC quakes as Adeleke joins the race
Supreme Court upholds Dickson’s election
Suspected cattle rustlers kill 36 miners in Zamfara
Again, CBN cautions Diaspora Nigerians on illegal IMTOs’ patronage
FG set to privatise more NIPP plants – NDPHC
CBN to block defaulting accounts, warns against IMTOs
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