Edo guber: Oshiomhole warns Okowa, Wike against exporting thugs to Benin

The Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole

The Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole

By Lawrence Olaoye

Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has warned both Delta and Rivers states governors, Ugwanyi Okowa and Nyesom Wike, against exporting thugs into his state ahead of oncoming governorship election in his state.

The governor gave the warning while responding to questions from newsmen after a meeting with the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, at the Presidential Villa yesterday.

Asked to comment on fears in certain circles that some neighbouring governors were planning to unleash mayhem on the state during elections, Oshiomhole said “l was very specific, that my brother, Okowa and governor Wike, these two states have had history of violence and deaths during every election. In Rivers in particular, they almost used blood instead of ink pad on Election Day; but in Edo we have had to run credible election based on one man, one vote – and they exported people to Edo, some of them have been arrested, some of them have been charged to court; and they will be prosecuted.

“But my appeal to them is that they should be ashamed, because we are all chief security officers of our states. lf you are having the level of deaths and killings in Rivers and it is not bothering him and he wants to export that blood letting tactics to Edo State, our people will resist.

I also want to tell him those people who have exaggerated views of what they represent to be careful. . A fish or a shark may appear powerful because it is inside the creek; but when you move it to dry soil, even babies can feast on it. So Edo is not like the creek that you have in Rivers.

I want to plead with him, if he wants to send any boy, he should send his children, his own blood children so that they can bear the full consequences of their father’s message. He has no right to pay token to other people’s children to go and die in Edo, because our people are rugged and dogged.

We are not in the creeks. If they move those guys who can dive into the water and do magic to the dry soil of Edo, they will learn the hard way what it takes to walk through the desert. We want to fight with PVC only, they must not import killers. If they do, they must bear full responsibility.”

Commenting on level of his preparation for the election, he said “For us it is fun, when you have a good report card, you are anxious to go and show to your patents that you did well in school so that you can ask for support to go to secondary school. It is when you fail that you cry and find a way to make excuses.

We have worked for Edo people and there is no ward of the 192 wards that you will not find standard government project, whether it is road, school, health centre, water and these are things they have never seen for 10 years of PDP.

Before now, they use to laugh and dismiss Edo as miracle Centre during WAEC examinations because public schools were dead, the parents want their children to go to university but these children have not been taught because teachers were always on strike because they were never paid and so people have to resort to miracle to pass and miracle is a good way to describe an organised fraud where you pay some prescribed fee and with collaboration with the proprietor of the school, some elements in WAEC or NECO and the young man gets the certificate that does not match his intellect.