Elumelu, in US, Says to Clinton & Trump‎: On US-Africa Policy, Somethings Don’t Need To Change”  

‎New York September 19, 2016:  Speaking at the weekend in Delaware as the
Keynote Speaker at the US Senator Chris Coons’ Opportunity Africa
Conference 2016, Elumelu urged candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
‎that on the US-Africa Policy, somethings don’t need to change. What they
need is to be expanded and scaled up.  In other words, we need more U.S.
engagement in Africa through mutually beneficial trade and investment. ‎”

Speaking further, Elumelu said “That is exactly what I, and 200 other US
and African political and business leaders including President Obama and
over 30 African Presidents, will be discussing next week at the US-Africa
Business Forum in New York- how to strengthen mutually beneficial economic
ties between the African and American peoples.”

Elumelu’s theme is entrepreneurship. One of Africa’s leading
entrepreneurs; he is dedicating time and money, to create a new generation
of African business woman and men, committing $100m of his own money.
According to Elumelu, “If we give our people the economic tools to thrive,
living standards increase, the political challenges that Africa faces can
be tackled and fundamental positive change can be assured. He‎ called on
the next US President to work in Shared Purpose with Africans on
implementing innovative solutions to the complex but surmountable
challenges in Africa.

He also challenged the American electorate that “So when you meet, write,
call and email your political candidates and representatives and the
elected President in November, tell them that when it comes to Africa, you
want “More. And by “More”, I mean more engagement, more positively
impactful policies and more development and commercial investment in

In closing, ‎Elumelu said “I am an unashamed optimist and I believe that
working together, in Shared Purpose, which is what Africapitalism is
about,  we can help usher in economic transformation that will ensure
Africa is  a critical player in the 21stcentury global economy. ‎”

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