Embarrassing Herdsmen Attack


Last week, herdsmen struck again in some communities in Enugu killing women and children. In Benue, such attacks have become a daily occurrence. In southern Kaduna and Adamawa, it such attack have become the norm. Human life has become cheap in the country as the media is awash with killings every day.

The social media was filled with gruesome pictures of women and children allegedly slaughtered by the herdsmen. This is becoming embarrassing and should stop. I have said it severally on this page, the government should ban grazing and let ranches be built in all the states.

With the rate at which herdsmen are strolling round the streets of Abuja and even struggling for right of way with vehicles on the highway, very soon we will hear of attacks in Abuja. By the time a motorist mistakenly knocks down one cattle, hell will be let loose.


While Nigeria is coming out from the Boko Haram attacks, I think the insurgents, in the guise of herdsmen, are carrying out some of most gruesome attacks.

The president should, as a matter of urgency, make a national broadcast, preferably in Hausa, to the Fulani herdsmen to stop killing and destroying farmlands as this may go a long way in stopping this unnecessary shedding of blood.