Episode 7 Of Glo Prof Johnbull Projects Gender Parity

The seventh episode of the hilarious TV drama series Professor Johnbull, sponsored by data grandmasters, Globacom, aired last Tuesday at 8:30pm on NTA International, NTA Network and NTA on Startimes.

The episode titled Baby and Bomboi lampoons the idea of the superiority of the male child to the female ones in the African traditional setting. The sitcom ridicules the bias and prejudice against the girl child and its effect on the society at large.

Athanasius (Stan Kamandi), who is informed of his wife’s delivery of a baby girl takes to his heels, trying to abdicate his paternal responsibilities. He seeks refuge in Olaniyi’s restaurant where he hides himself from his family. When Athan’s in-laws consult Professor Johnbull for advice, he sends out a search party to fetch Athan to explain himself.

Caro, who appears on the scene in Olaniyi’s restaurant to buy ‘nkwobi’ for the professor, is engaged in a discussion with the restaurateur, Olaniyi. Olaniyi is aghast with Caro’s ‘bad English’ and asks if she ever went to school. Caro explains to him that her father never sent her to school, but sent her brother because he believed that female children needed no education.

Caro discovers Athan’s hideout and spreads the news, first by informing Mai Doya (Funky Mallam), in spite of pleas from Olaniyi not to squeal. Caro rues the notion held in most families that female children are useless and insignificant. She reveals to the professor that it is the topic at Olaniyi’s restaurant.

The episode climaxes when Professor Johnbull leads a search party to Olaniyi’s restaurant where Athan is found. He chides Athan for his irresponsible behavior, citing eminent personalities such as Hilary Clinton, Christiane Amanpour and Patience Ozokwor as women who have achieved success in life.  He advises Athan to return to his family and take up his responsibilities.

The theme of gender equality is well projected in this episode. The idea of preference for male children to female ones is ridiculed. This episode imparts salient messages such as the need for due diligence in all we do.

The sitcom teaches societal values and plot and the storyline is commendable.

Professor Johnbull is sponsored by Globacom.