Expect High Temperature During Hajj – Saudi Agency

Expect high temperature during Hajj – Saudi agency

Muslims undertaking this year’s pilgrimage to the Holy land are expected to experience serious dehydration as a result of the of high temperature in Saudi Arabia.

According to an announcement by the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection the weather is expected to remain hot during the day and mild at night with average temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius during the pilgrimage season.

The chairman of the agency Abdulaziz bin Omar Al-Jasser, after inspecting Met offices in Makkah including the Command and Control Center in Mina, stressed that there was a possibility of “cumulus clouds appearing during the day in the eastern parts of Makkah, resulting in scattered rain and thunderstorm during the pilgrimage”.

The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection has also deployed weather radars working round the clock under the supervision of experts both near the holy site and its headquarters in Jeddah to analyze forecasts,” he said.

Meanwhile, to for stall any adverse reactions to harsh weather condition, the Head of Nigerian Medical team of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, (NAHCON) in Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj, Dr. Ibrahim Kana has advised Nigerian pilgrims to always remain indoors in the daytime, and cover their heads whenever they are going for afternoon prayers.

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