Facebook Marketing Partners Specialty Showcase: Audience Onboarding

Facebook Marketing Partners Specialty Showcase: Audience Onboarding

September 19th, 2016

If you have a database of customers—such as the email addresses of people who have purchased from you or signed up to your newsletter—you can reach them on Facebook to deliver a highly relevant message. As part of the next installment in our Facebook Marketing Partner Specialty Showcase series, see how you can pair up with an Audience Onboarding partner to unlock the power of your customer database.

Reach your best audience

Finding and targeting your current customers drives more sales, re-engages with inactive customers and uses your marketing budget more wisely by reaching people who are already interested in what you have to say. You can even exclude your current customers from seeing your ads, so you won’ t pay for unwanted impressions or clicks. Your partner can also help you create a lookalike audience, finding more people on Facebook who are similar to your current customers.

Reaching the right audience in Brazil

Satander, Brazil’s third largest private bank, wanted to ease the frustration of customers who were receiving ads but who weren’t eligible to sign up for its pre-approved credit product. To make sure the right audience was seeing their ads, the bank ran an exclusive Facebook campaign using the managed Custom Audiences segmenting tool, which is a part of the partner category tool created by Facebook and Partner Experian Marketing Services. Using managed Custom Audiences and lead ads to reach the right people, Santander was able to achieve 81% reach among the campaign’s target audience and a 52% increase in qualified leads compared to campaigns redirecting people to the website.

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