Fashion: Rock Life in Vintage Shirts

Mariam Egbeyemi

When you talk about fashion statement that has been in vogue since the 80s and 90s, you talk about retro clothing or better known as vintage wears. Vintage is used to describe clothing that are clearly representative of the era it was produce. Vintages or retro are themed with artwork, printed on shirt that are manufactured with softer fabrics.

Vintage is another trend in the fashion industry, and can be worn in different beautiful ways, it is of different sizes and types such as, skirts, tops and t shirts and even ties. Some people have turned it to a business, some buy the materials and sew in different styles, some have even fashioned it by creating another fashion style like vintages trousers, kimonos, jumpsuits, scarves and many others. And these beautiful clothing are sold in cheap and affordable prices


There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there on vintage or retro style. Many people think they can’t pull it off.  Others are afraid they’ll look out of place, or draw too much attention to themselves.

There are random days when things don’t come together quite as well as we had hoped, but here’s some simple tips from me on how to not look costumed when wearing vintage or vintage inspired clothing. There are several ways to wear vintages in a very classic style


Some Tips for Shopping and Buying Vintage…

  1. Sizing has changed dramatically so just try on anything you like. If it’s too large, you can think about accessories to help it fit better, changing it yourself, try adjusting it yourself or tailor to fix it for you.


  1. Look for classic brands and designer labels that have well designed artworks and classic designs.


  1. Wear unique pieces that will work with your wardrobe.


  1. Wear colors that are not too loud, bright colors can be worn with plain trousers or skirts and jeans.