Financial services firm Rosabon announces N1.8b loan at 2.5%

Rosabon Financial Services, a financial service provider, has announced the disbursement of N1.8 billion in personal loans to its existing and new clients. The loan facilities would be made available to both their new and existing customers for as low as 2.5 per cent interest rate.

The personal loans, which could be obtained without guarantors or collaterals, would see qualified individuals obtain as much as N3 million to pay back in six or eight months. However, to qualify, the individual must be more than 21 years of age and not more than 58 years.

The borrower, the firm said in statement, must also be in paid employment, have a salary, pension account or tax identification. “Once an individual is qualified by meeting the terms and conditions, loans can be accessed within 48 hours or less following documentation,” the firm said.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Rosabon Financial Services, Chukwuma Ochonogor said: “As a company, we have remained committed to driving access to financial services over the past two decades. This is not different from what we have been doing in respect to our commitment as one of Nigeria’s foremost financial service provider,” he said.

He added: “More so, providing access to personal loans at this time, has become even more imperative as a result of the current economic circumstance. It is no longer news that we are in a recession and that has serious implications for disposable incomes, especially for most households. So, this scheme is geared towards providing Nigerians the financial liquidity they need to meet their financial needs at very friendly and ridiculously low interest rates.”

Also speaking, Head of Marketing, Chidimma Onyeokoro said: “At Rosabon, providing people’s financial needs remains our goal. We understand what the economy is at the moment, which means that there is limited cash circulating in the economy. But this does not mean that people should put their lives on hold. And that is why we are offering people these loans at these low rates so that people can still meet their financial targets and sustain their lifestyles despite what the economy says”.

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