G20 summit: Obama to make climate change announcement as May heads to China – live

On the eve of the G20 summit in China, world leaders prepare to discuss climate change, Hinkley Point and the war in Syria

10.05am BST

Xi Jinping has just finished delivering a keynote speech to the B20 business summit which is being held in Hangzhou, ahead of the start of the G20 tomorrow.

Xi didn’t reference his country’s decision to formally ratify the Paris climate change agreement earlier today but he did speak about China’s commitment to tackling air and water pollution and to addressing the dangers of global warming.

We will promote green development to achieve better economic performance. I have said many times that green mountains and clear water are as good as mountains of gold and silver. To protect the environment is to protect productivity and to improve the environment is to boost productivity.

We will unwaveringly pursue sustainable development and stay committed to green, low-carbon and circular development and to China’s fundamental policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment. In promoting green development we also aim to address climate change and overcapacity.

9.43am BST

World leaders are arriving in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou today ahead of the start of the G20 summit on Sunday. Stay with us as we live blog all of the developments that come out of the various meetings and press conferences that take place.

We have set out the government’s approach to Hinkley, we are currently considering all the component parts of that.

We have said we will make a decision this month, that remains the plan. I don’t expect one in the next few days and I don’t expect our Chinese or French partners are expecting one in the next few days.

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