God, Homosexuality and Health…….(1)

Most of my patients, have repeatedly asked me, “Doc, are there medical reasons for the sexual orientation of homosexuals? So I decided to discuss homosexuality thoroughly in these-three-part-serial, and answer the questions, why? How? And where?
I had the following conversation with a white colleague, when I visited USA. It was in Washington DC, in the office of a Nigerian doctor – a plastic surgeon. The white doctor had come to surgically correct an overgrown keloid (old scar), at the nape of his neck.
“Wait a minute. Did you hear my last question? I said, tell the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Trans-gender (LGBT), that if they answer this my simple question. I shall take up a placard and become an advocate, of homosexuality. My question was, ‘if God had created two-Adams, how would humanity had procreated, and how would we have been born?’ No answer right?”
Then to insult God and humanity, the LGBT, claim their sexual orientation is God ordained. Arrant nonsense. Then when two-males, or two-females marry, knowing that God did not give same-sex, the ability to reproduce, they will start looking far a child to adopt. What an insult. Whose child will they adopt. As the Igbo say – “you do not eat rat, but you use your teeth to divide its meat. Humbug.
A lot of my responders, had been requesting that I discuss homosexuality. Even some die-hard Christians, alluded to the ordination of a self-confessed Anglican Bishop in USA, some years ago. Saying that it questioned, and tried their beliefs. Some asked whether homosexuality which was against Biblical injunction, was now God-approved. It will take more than three instalments to thoroughly discuss the intricacies of homosexuality. Let us begin, let us try.
What is homosexuality?
♥ According to “Man’s Body”, by the Diagram Group -homosexuals are men and women who are emotionally and physically attracted to their own sex.
♥ In early African society, homosexuality was a taboo, and so was never discussed openly. The conventional image of male-homosexuals in Africa, are that they are in some way – “feminine”, or perhaps, that their sex interests, make them a danger to children.
♥ In the Western world, to show their purported civilisation, freedom and tolerance. They collated all homosexuals and labelled them LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals & Transgender). They told them to go ahead and marry each other, since they could not play God, they did not add “go ahead and multiply”.
♥ Surprisingly, the vast majority of homosexuals do not fit any of these stereotypes. They are just ordinary people, not identifiable by body type, mannerisms, dress, or occupation. Most non- homosexual people will, without realising it, have friends and relatives who are homosexuals. The question becomes, “is there anything medically wrong with homosexuals?”
I shall answer that in due course.
♥ However, today, especially in the West, many homosexuals do declare themselves openly, and refer themselves as “gay”.
What is the incidence of homosexuality?
■ It is very difficult to state the number of homosexuals in a population, because of guilt and secrecy. Even surveys cannot adequately reveal the truth.
■ Also, it is important to distinguish between occasional incidents of homosexuals, and a real preference and lifestyle.
■ Homosexual activities, can occur in pre-adolescent sex play, while homosexual feeling, perhaps accompanied by mutual masturbation and group masturbation, is typical of one stage of adolescence.
■ Perhaps 1/3 of all men have at least one Homosexual experience to orgasm, between adolescence and old age. But only 2 to 4% of adult males in Western society are exclusively Homosexual.
■ Between these numbers are those who have considerable adult experience of both heterosexuality and homosexuality – whether in the same or different periods of their lives. Many such individuals, may be married and have children.
■ There is more homosexuality in all-male institutions, such as armed forces, prisons, single-sex schools, where heterosexual outlet is denied.
How is homosexual activity practiced?
★ There is still considerable ignorance and fear, among non-homosexuals, about homosexual procedures. However, apart from the impossibility of genital intercourse, and the changes this causes, homosexual activity is basically parallel to heterosexual.
★ Many techniques are common in both, and in both there are mutual kissing and caressing, and the general process of getting used to one another, and giving affection.
What are the main sexual techniques in homosexuality? These include;
i)Mutual masturbation.
ii) Fellatio (Oral sex)
iii) Anal intercourse.
iv) Inter-femoral intercourse (where the penis is stimulated by being moved between the partner’s thighs). The first two of these are quite common in heterosexual activity, while anal and even inter-femoral intercourse do also occur.
Next week we shall expatiate all these, and also discuss problems and treatment of homosexuality. Again are homsexuals in need of medical text? Keep a date with The Sunday Sun.
Dr Ojum Ekeoma Ogwo.