Hope of Internet for low access areas blows up with explosion of Falcon 9 rocket

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The explosion of Falcon 9 rocket belonging to tech billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX aerospace firm is expected to slow down Facebook’s Internet.org initiative, which is supposed to bring low-cost Internet access to poorly connected areas.

According to reports, SpaceX’s rocket was supposed to carry into orbit was meant to play a role in the project and its explosion has now cast dark clouds over the initiative.

However, incoming reports suggest that Zuckerberg and Facebook are expected to work on getting another satellite up as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, American space agency, NASA has allayed fears over the explosion SpaceX rocket which burst into flames during a routine test at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

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The assurance by NASA is coming after residents experienced shaking buildings and a thick cloud of black smoke around the area of the explosion.

Members of Kennedy emergency staff are presently on standby at the scene of the explosion as personnel were seen monitoring the air for any toxic fumes to ensure that there were no immediate threats to public safety due to the explosion.

Reports say the explosion is a major blow for SpaceX – and also for NASA, which relies on the company to keep the International Space Station equipped with food, science experiments and other supplies.


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