How to be part of the elite 7% of marketers successfully implementing automation

Automation is the number one area for email innovation and focus in 2016 according to this year’s Email Marketing Industry Census.
However, achieving successful implementation appears a near impossible dream. So what can marketers do to make it a reality?
Similar to 2015 results, only 7% of marketers experience very successful implementation of automation programs, with a further 55% citing them as ‘quite successful’ and 38% ‘not successful’.
The responsibility is not solely on the marketers’ shoulders however, vendors might need to up their game here too.
It’s not always true that automation tools are easy to use or to set up. I hear too many stories about platforms being selected by marketers that then require a lot of time and resource to on-board and start using.
Or at the other extreme, some vendors hand over the keys to the car and don’t teach you to drive it – it looked very exciting in the demo, but doesn’t prove to be intuitive or flexible when you are trying to get the most out of it. That’s not the same as blaming the tools for the failure,