How To Fundraise Like A Millennial

There’s so much talk about Millennials these days. The term is used to define folks born sometime between 1982 and 2000, which makes both me (32 years young) and my colleague Virginia (25) Millennials — so why do I sometimes feel as though Virginia and her peers speak a different, faster language than I do? Let’s face it, in the digital world, things change fast. If mine was the generation to connect the world through social media, I often feel like I need a crash course in how to reach folks who are 25 and younger. They’re different, brave, confident. They are like younger siblings everywhere who grow up quickly by watching older kids pave the way. When I graduated from university in 2007, the economy was fragile and everyone took the first job they were offered. Today, our younger millennial counterparts advocate for their own professional development almost before they interview. They have a plan. They know what they want, they know what they’re worth and, as a result, they are making more and more money and giving it away in unprecedented amounts. They have a lot to teach us.